Film: 3264

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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CJB pipelines Ltd who provide sleeving for gas pipelines to enable the building of roads over them.
Lengths of steel pipe are cut in half retained by steel bands to prevent distortion. The bands are removed and the two halves separated. Machine to move the pipes with a specially designed sling.
The underground gas pipe is cleaned and prepared with the soil dug out around it and rotary bands fitted. The first half of the sleeve is placed over the pipepipe and this section is rotated on rollers to become the underside. The top sleeve is then put in place and bands are used to secure and hold the two halves together. The seams are welded and the outer bands removed. Joint welding is done by a continuous process using Lincton Electric CO2 cord wire method. Man using welding mask for safety and cleaning the joints.
The whole sleaves are then joined to the next and all is inspected with a type of brush linked to a machine. The soil is replaced around the pipe and then compacted with a vibrator. An electronic detection cable is put in place. Grout is mixed and pumped in the pipe sleeve so that the gas pipe inside is full protected and the building of a road over it can continue.

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