Film: 3265

Transport General | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Includes 30's or 40's transport.
Post Office Engineering Department. Checking out stock items from the stores department - barrels, pipe, etc.
Loaded lorries leave the debot. A Police Public Call Box. AA Box.
Bikers sat on side of road. Man playing accordian.
Canal transport, L.M.S railway. Footage first motor cars- historical reconstruction with man walking in front carrying flag. Early motorcar on the road being passed by a bicycle.
Corn sheathes in field in background.
World War I fighting. Ex soldiers queuing for jobs after the war.
Jobs as bus drivers and driving lorries.
Lines of Post Office Vans.
Cars on the road and on sale.
Traffic congestion in London? Woman sewing sat in car.
Woman trying to cross road with small child and perambulator.
Traffic accident and lorry overturns. Newspaper board 'Disaster - 5 killed'.
Workers in a café.
Man goes to bed for night before getting up for work under instruction and learning to drive a Post Office lorry. Children playing on side of road.
More cars and roads.

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