Film: 3273

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Australian flag and map of the country. Titles placed on the map. A boy, Bob and his dad are fixing a car in the garage. Bob says he has to do a school project on the Government of Australia. They talk about Commonwealth. The difference between state government and commonwealth government, and what responsibilities each have. In Bob's house, his father, mother and aunt. They discuss Bob's project. Very staged. His aunt works for the civil aviation authority, so she is a public servant. They talk about all the other things the government run, lighthouses, the docks, communications, aviation, agriculture. Bob learns about the lines of communication from the public service to the minister to the Govenor General who is the Queen's representitive. Bob goes to his aunt's place of work at the airport. Kingsford Smith airport in Sydney. Looking around the department. Bob's aunty introduces him to her boss. The boss explains how they planned an airport terminal. The State government was also involved in drainage and moving a river from the site of the runway. The airport also has the department of immigration, customs, attorney General department, quarrantine, employment department and of works. Over 5000 people work at the airport and they are all public servants. Planes arrive at airport - Sydney Airport - international flights, civil servant explains. Boy makes notes and project. Back at home and Bob's dad asks if he has included any history of the Australian Government. Bob says no. His father, mother and aunt all look for books to help Bob in his project. They find out that in 1899 the people of Australia voted to become a Federation. Queen Victoria proclaimed Australia a Commonwealth. Act constitutes commonwealth of Australia. High Court of Australia buildings, the old Parliament House in Canberra. Other public service jobs, the army, navy and airforce. Medical officer in Papua New Guinea and Arctic etc scientists, etc. Australian coat of arms.

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