Film: 3275

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Immigrants on a ship. Immigrant camps on arrival. Children watching television. Australian industry - steel. Port ...... Motor industry - assembly line. Gold mining in Kalgoolie. Looking for minerals in Northern Territory - uranium. Aborigines making boomerangs and crocodile hunting in a dugout canoe in the far north of the Northern Territory. Rocket centre. Dams. Sugar cane, pineapples, cattle ranches. Sheep stations, wool shearing. Fishing, whale, whaling with harpoons. Sydney - streets, harbours, buildings.

Sydney harbour. Ring toss on the deck of a ship, a ring of rope lands on the target, then the player arranged at the far end of the deck. Sydney harbour bridge. Prefabricated houses, ( they look like bomb shelters or caravans) lined up neatly in rows. A man wipes his forehead while mowing the front lawn. He turns and climbs the stairs of the single family home. Children watching television from their POV. A young girl and boy on the couch, the father comes in and gets them up, and sends them off to bed, then he sits down on the couch.
The exterior of a factory. A smelter. Molten metal splashes out of the large pot. A man shovels something into it. A stream of molten metal flows down a pipe. A man picks up a enamel or porcelain sink. Another person tests an iron. Machines work. Assembly lines for engines. A car production line. The front sides are put on a car. A man buffs a finished car. View of a small city with smoke coming out of smoke stacks. Open pit mining. Statue of Patrick Hannan, who started the Australian gold rush with the discovery of gold in Kalgoorlie, 15 June , 1893. Miners coming out of a mine with their headlamps on. Miners working. A load of rock goes up a mine shaft. Molten metal bubbles. A shaker works out heavy thick rocks from finer material. Rock and water are poured into a shaft.
Aerial view of the outback, few settlements scattered between thin trees. Two men look at the soil, they dig something up. An airplane flies over head. The view from the airplane of the straggly outback. Inside the plane, meteorologists? Or the pilots? In front of banks of instruments and dials.

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