Film: 3276

Shipping | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Weather Ship

Postman arrives with letter from man of 'Weather Explorer' meteorology ship and crew. The cabin. The engine sign and off. Off to station 600 rules out in Atlantic. Plotting on the ocean map. Sea temperature taken from a bucket. Air temperature. Visibility with a ' loofer '. Balloon shed, plotted by radar, launch. Information sent by radio. Weather map made. Galley and cook. Bread from coal oven. Dining room. Rough seas. Card playing. Darts. Washing clothes on deck. Re-paint. Testing life boats. Aiding aircraft, What's wind speed at 10,000 ft.? Drama! Little fuel and airport fogged. Relief ship comes in. Weather ship. Sailor shaves off his beard on th eway home. Meets wife and little boy on his return on the garden path.

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