Film: 3277

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Argentina, a wealthy country based of its beef trade.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America, on the edge of a 30 mile wide river with its handsome parks and broad avenues.

Trams and street scenes. But far from the city life is 'The Pampa' a vast area of level ground, a prairie suited to raising both crops and cattle. Teams of horses are used to haul ploughs etc. Some farms cover 100 square miles. Each area called 'a section' has a lone farmer with his family to look after it. First job of the day is to round up the horses which entails catching the 'lead horse' which has a bell round its neck. The rest of the horses will then follow. Once a year the cattle are driven into a corral for counting. Wool is also an important product young lambs etc. Owners of the sections live in luxurious homes surrounded by park like gardens. Barbed wire fencing surrounds each section and this is checked regularly to protect crops. At noon the men stop work for a meal at the cookhouse. School starts in the afternoon owing to the distance that children must travel. School is only in operation during the warmer months. Rounding up horses for 'breaking them in'. Highlight of the year is the cattle drive. Cows are put through a cattle dip to remove any unwelcome pests. The herd is then driven on a two-day trip to the railway yards. Camp is made for the night. Bundles of wood are taken along for the cooking fire. Fresh meat is eaten with bread. At daybreak they push on to the rail road. Scenes of frozen meat and the cannery. Ships are loaded with meat, corn and wool.

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