Film: 3280

Road Transport | 1950 | Mute | B/W


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A tour around the Midlands and North of England, looking at its transport. Good street scenes.

Dashboard of a vehicle with keys in the ignition, a man's left hand reaches out to the keys and turns them. His jacket cuff and watch are visible. Titles. Motorway sign with directions for Aylesbury A41, Hatfield, The North A1, St. Albans, North West A5. Crude graphic showing line from London to Aylesbury, Banbury and Coventry, passing Leighton Buzzard and Northampton.

Statue of Lady Godiva on a horse in front of the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, West Midlands. Point of view from the front of a vehicle as it travels past buses, cars and shops in the city centre and then emerges onto the open road, where it passes a stationary bus.

Graphic showing the route from Coventry to Lichfield, The Potteries, Nantwich, Chester and on to Colwyn Bay, Clwyd, North Wales. Tram in middle of street advertising the Catlin Follies at the Arcadia Theatre, Llandudno (Gwynedd, North Wales). Passengers climb up to the top deck of the tram. Destination sign on tram reads Llandudno Pier. On top of open topped tram, a view from the rear looking forward with passengers sitting on wooden seats at front of tram. One woman has her arm through her companion's. Close up of Llandudno Pier sign with picture of a pointing hand.

From roadside a lorry passes, followed by the open-topped double-decker tram. A woman and children wait to cross the road. Street scene. A single decker open tram rounds a corner. Cars whizz round the corner and overtake it, one quite dangerously. Tram is full of people wearing overcoats and dressed up warmly. Tram tracks near coast which look as if they have been partially washed away. A woman and a man stand by a shelter stop called Maes Gwyn Road, and appear to wait for a tram. A single decker open topped tram ride: a view looking backwards at the faces of the passengers. Most smile. To side of shot, a man (conductor?) holds on from outside of tram. Point of view (with shoulder of driver?) in shot as we trundle along one track of twin track route in countryside. From ground, shot of tram approaching road crossing. A motorbike and sidecar and a car nip through ahead of double decker tram. A single decker passes in the other direction. Conductor waves and a passenger waves a handkerchief. Another car has waited for the tram to cross, and now sets off. A single-decker passing below camera position on hillside, the road below. In a tram with several passengers. Young man and woman walk past camera position. A look at the connection of the pole with the wire. A banner reading 'Llandudno Welcomes You', letters suspended on wires. From grassy trackside a double-decker tram bumps past camera position. People get into tram. Man waves to camera. Tram sets off and passes one coming in the opposite direction. Shot of countryside.

General views of Llandudno with trams to the fore. Wide streets. Traffic and pedestrians, including a woman waiting to cross the road with a pushchair. Single decker pulls into stop in middle of road. Lots of people ready to board. Man in transport uniform sitting in tram with cup of tea to his mouth. People board tram. People get off tram. On top deck a bearded conductor sells tickets and gives change. Traffic, cars, and single decker bus. Sign reads 'All Cars Stop Here'. View along a very wide boulevard with central line of grass and trees. Tram and car travel on road. A cyclist speeds along. Sandwich board on pavement reads 'Coach Tour around Great Orme. Viewing 3 Lighthouses…A Puffin…and the West Shore of Alice in Wonderland' with tour prices.

Two single decker buses in small bus station. Entrance to Great Orme Railway, two women go into the station. People get on the carriage and the conductor helps the ladies. A man wearing a cap winds the handle on the telephone on the train. He puts the receiver to his ear. Tram travelling up middle of road, children walk ahead of it. Road sign reads 'This road is dangerous for motorists'. Side shot of tram climbing very steep road, with a woman waiting at the side of the road. Steep inclines. Looking down tracks as tram rounds bend at bottom of hill and starts the climb towards us. Railway car passes camera position. Close look at cables and workings. The tram shed with lots of steam escaping, a car is parked outside. From inside shed at top we see a tram start the journey downhill. Sustained shot of this. Railway car in the countryside. People walk past. More workings. Carriage number 7 pulls away from us as a passenger waves. On the seaside road a woman waits to cross the road and a single decker bus pulls to a stop. A kiosk on the seafront advertises Lollies and Ices. Another bus passes a telephone box and turns a corner.

The graphic shows the route from Colwyn Bay back to Rhyl and Queensferry. Back to England. From inside car with windscreen wipers wiping the rain away, point of view as we travel into the Mersey Tunnel. A busy street in Liverpool, two men run across a crossing as a number 40 tram passes Liverpool Central Station, the advertisement on the side of the tram is for Vernons. Top of the Liver Building, the camera pans down to show two buses on the road, one advertising Vernons, the other Littlewoods Pools. A ship (the Mersey Ferry?) leaves the dockside. Sign on a building reads 'Mersey Railway. Frequent Service of Electric Trains to Liverpool & C.' People walk past the station, some carrying umbrellas. Merseyside to Birkenhead: the Mersey Line. Sign for Birkenhead Central station. A train pulls into the station. Close up of the lattice caging between the carriages as the train departs, view of First Class carriages. Train pulls out of station. Interior of trains, people sitting on seats. Sign for Birkenhead North Station. View from outside of a man sitting in the train as it pulls out, sustained shot of train pulling out of station, guard walking towards station along track. Interior of train, row of mostly empty seats with a woman sitting on one seat and the legs of another woman visible opposite her. People waiting on a platform as a train pulls in. Liverpool overhead railway, a train passes overhead as a bus passes on the road below.

Buses on the road and travelling over a bridge. People wait on a platform in the rain as a train approaches. Sign for James Street Station in Liverpool. A train departs. A driver leans out of his cab. View of overhead railway, a train approaches from behind the camera. Two men sit opposite each other on a train. View of the driver's hand on the handle as the train travels along. Tram advertising Ty Phoo Tea. Sign 'All Cars Inward Stop Here on Request'. Various shots of 10B tram. A boy in short trousers with his hands in his pockets looks at the camera as he runs to catch the tram. Children at the top of the tram at the front look out at the camera. The tram's destination board reads Pier Head Dale Street.

Sign on a vehicle 'St. Helens Corporation'. Trams and trolley buses in St. Helens, Merseyside. Sign 'S L T co.' Various vehicles on the road. Advertisement on side of a trolley bus for Magee's Ale. Close up of trolley bus platform. The trolley bus moves off. Various buses bound for Wigan (number 33) and Greater Manchester parked in a bus station square. There are advertisements on the buses for Capstan, Vernons, Condor Sliced Tobacco. Sign for Bolton Transport on side of bus. Buses in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

The graphic traces a route from Liverpool to Blackpool, Lancashire. The sea. View of the top of Blackpool Tower, the camera pans down to street level. Sign on the Tower 'Aquarium Wonders of the Seas'. Also 'Freddie Platt and the Tower Band'. View from inside the lift, ascending the Tower. A uniformed guard opens the lift door at the top and people get out. View of the coastline and streets from the top of the tower. View of the Winter Gardens. A tram goes past the Odeon Cinema on a busy street. Various shots of buses and traffic. A man gets off a bus. Sign 'Cars Stop by Request'. A tram goes past Loxhams Garages. Sign for Bentley and Rolls Royce. Billboard for News of the World and Bovril. Blackpool trams: interiors and going up and down. A conductor sells tickets on a tram. Tram heading for Fleetwood. Streets and buses of Blackburn, Lancashire and Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Numerous trams at station in Rotherham. Bus to Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Buses to Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Althorpe. Advertisement on bus for Players Digger Tobaccos. Derby Corporation buses on the journey between Doncaster, South Yorkshire and Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Shots of the streets of Mansfield. Nottingham, Nottinghamshire streets and buses. Advertisement on a bus for Crosse & Blackwells Salad Cream. Boots the Chemist shop on a corner. Blackshaws Garage with sign for Humber, Sunbeam-Talbot, Hillman, and Commer cars.

Motorway sign 'A50 Leicester A514 Derby B5004 Moira A514 Swadlincote'. Scenes of Leicester town centre with traffic.

London at night, point of view from front of vehicle. Piccadilly Circus lights with advertisements for Gordons Gin, Wrigleys Chewing Gum, Votrix Vermouth. Illuminated sign for Coca Cola, also Guinness Clock. Illuminated ads for Osram Lamps, Cinzano, Maconochies Pan Yan pickle, also The Deep Blue Sea play. Illuminated signs at the Ritz cinema showing the films Love Me or Leave Me with James Cagney and Doris Day, also The Dam Busters.


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