Film: 3283

Sport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A film exploring the history of fencing, sword fighting, duelling etc. Canadian fencing team, Canadian champion Donna Hennyey.
Narrator talks about the excitement of duelling. Images of old cathedrals etc. Two men in period costume fence in a courtyard. Lots of thrust and parry. One retreats but captures the others sword. They laugh, they are not really duelling. In a modern sports hall. 2 people fence with foils. One is Donna Hennyey. She talks about the clothing fencers wear to protect them. She demonstrates the on guard position. Narration provides the history of duelling, its beginnings, the use of guns and the perfecting of stance and movement using swords. Stills of engravings and paintings depicting duelling. Modern duals. Photographs of duals in the 20th century. Europe is strong in fencing. Canada is getting better. World Championships. Sabre's are used in a similar fashion to foils. Electric sensors aid modern judges in competitions to see how many hits have been won. Open air competition, Donna has a bout against a man.

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