Film: 3285

Education | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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School of woodwork. Scotland.
Pupils build community centre in woodland. School children build a garden. Close up of chisel work. School pupils renovate a kitchen. Pupils use screwdrivers etc to make and fit kitchen cabinets. Many students working on various parts of the kitchen. They move an old fashioned cooker. Metalwork workshop and design. Students twisting hot iron in a vice. Hammering hot metal into shape, blacksmithing. Welding, wearing face protection. Grinding metal, sparks fly. Making furniture to a design. Sawing and shaving wood. Chisel. Machinery for drilling holes in wood. Sanding down glass fibre. Students use metal wood and glass fibre to make a chair. Making a bookcase and a sideboard. French polishing a table. Table finished and set for tea. The student common room. There is the table, sideboard and bookcase. Small children in playground. A little girl slides down a slide, then tries to walk back up it, showing her knickers to the camera! Woodwork pupils sand down the chute of the slide in the workshop. They also make a waterproof box for the young school children to play with, children enjoy splashing and playing with the water. The students make a waterproof rowing boat. Various shots of the modern school and the items that students have made to improve their own environment.

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