Film: 3286

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Vasectomy. Interviews with men who have had a vasectomy.
Patient lies on a bed and talks to camera whilst the doctor performs the operation. The man received a local anesthetic. The patient has two children and did not want anymore. Interview with another man who has 4 children. Interview with another man who has 5 children in the home and others outside the home! Wife of one of the men says she wanted to get off the pill. Another wife says her husband should take some responsibility. Man says he worried about his wife's health. Man says he is worried about increasing population. Diagram of what is involved in the operation. Operation takes 15 minutes. Doctors discussing with couples the advantages of vasectomy. Men discuss what it felt like. They agree that the injection of local anesthetic was the worst bit. Doctor says in most cases it improves relationships as there is no fear of an unwanted pregnancy.

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