Film: 3289

Aviation | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Flying boat service.
The film starts with views of various aircraft briefly in flight, highlighting the range of designs that have evolved in aviation. Commercial planes, fighter jet, military aircraft, delta wing. People looking up into the sky, supposedly watching planes fly overhead. International airport lounge: coffee bar; BOAC enquiry counter, formal restaurant overlooking the tarmac. Passengers walking down the steps, disembarking from a plane. A woman is holding a small baby.
Princess Seaplane.
Close up of Princess flying boat on the water. Princess taking off over water.
Footage of World War One seaplanes. The plane is readies for flight. Men push it into the water and it takes off. A seaplane on a warship. It is catapulted as a way of taking off. Floating hangar. A plane has its wings unfolded and is launched from a floating hanger, the predecessor of the aircraft carrier. A larger seaplane is launched from a ramp into the sea and is viewed taking off and in flight. View from a plane flying over warships. A seaplane floating on the water, crew stand on the wings.
Aerial view over hilly countryside and snowy mountains and flat wetlands.
Empire Seaplane
A man walks up to a post box, a woman does the same and a young boy. Posting letters. Men loading mail bags. Empire flying boat, people getting on board and taking their seats. Propeller spins, close up of the floats, plane takes off. Interior Empress cockpit and cabin, where passengers eat a meal. In flight and aerial view of seaplane flying over New York. Aerial view over possibly North Africa. Seaplane lands on water.
World War two submarines and defensive use of flying boats. A submarine on the surface, its dips below the sea. Seaplane dropping bombs. Bombs bounce on the water before exploding. Depiction of a submarine being flooded with water and crew try to climb up ladders. Flying boats in the air. Warship fires its guns.
Adapting airfields for passenger travel in late 1940s and 1950s. Aircraft taxiing on the tarmac and queuing to take off. People disembarking from a plane and walking towards the terminal. A busy airport terminal, people queuing. People on board a boat. Building a runway for land-based planes, trucks and construction equipment. Laying the runway. A seaplane doesn’t need a runway, just more water. Flying boat takes off from a lake.
Planning and designing of the Princess Flying Boat and testing of scale model plane construction with wave machines and wind tunnels. Building the Princess flying boat. Hull building and finishing. Engines installed. The Princess seaplane is launched. The crew approach the plane by boat. Engines fire up and the Princess takes off, as viewed from a boat. Princess in flight.

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