Film: 3291

Aviation | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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A history of thr Douglas Jet Aircraft
Aerial views of San Francisco Bay, Bridge and harbour. DC1 to DC& a quick history, the DC8 passenger jet airliner, The Army's X3 and the Navy's A4D and F4D Sky Raider made for the airforce. Aircraft production factory scenes, Aerial view of Long Beach factory, California. The wing span of a DC-8 is over 139 feet. Underwater pressure tests, wind tunnel tests, vibrations tests, de-icing, hydraulics, engine tests, safety tests.
19th april 1958 the DC-8 is launched, twice the size of the DC7 aiming to make air travel affordable. 30th may 1958 test flight. Take off and landing at Edwards Airbase. Interior is luxurious with air conditioning and fabrics discussed, 13,000 cubic feet of space. New standards of comfort and style.

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