Film: 3292

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The south of U.S.A.
Cotton fields of the South. Poor rural families. Horse plough. Soil collected in jars for analysis. Agriculture Extension Service office door. County agent office for Laurel Mississippi. Agent sits behind desk leafing through information booklets about agriculture. Agent visits farmers. Agent viewed driving his car along rural road. He parks at a farmhouse. The farmer comes over to the car while his wife and son stand on the stoop. Farmer gives the agent soil samples through the car window and the agent drives off.
Mississippi State agricultural college campus, students walk in front of the main building. Agriculture agent arrives in his car. He walks into the building marked “Experiment Station Building”. He hands over soil samples to a scientist in a laboratory. Soil is tested in glass beakers. Students doing experiments and testing in the lab with seeds. Glass jars marked corn and cotton seed.

Experimental corn field. A man inspects the crop. Farmers in dungarees harvest corn. Heads of corn are thrown into a horse drawn cart. Pecan tree orchard. Farmer feeds free range chickens under the trees. Tung tree plantation, grown for oil production. Close up of Tung nut on the tree. Tractor rolls through the trees. Farmers are shown how to spray crops, the land agent hands out leaflets. Young cotton plants are sprayed. Beans are picked. Sweet potatoes are harvested. A group of farmers are educated about soil erosion. Rain clouds billowing. Farmer in straw hat looks up to the sky. Heavy rain on a cotton field.

Diagrams explain erosion due to rain and how to contour ploughing can help prevent erosion.

Livestock farming. Student farmers are educated about pigs or hogs, sheep and cattle. One student wears a Mississippi State University jacket. Hanging sign for Magnolia Dairy. Agriculture agent arrives by car at the dairy farm and enters a barn. Inside the barn the farmer is milking his Jersey herd. Milk is poured in a churn. Outside cattle are checked.

A man measures a tree in a forest. Students learn about timber production. POV from driver of a car as he travels along a single lane road past commercially planted woodland. Pine trees. Men use a two man saw to cut through thick trunks. Lumber jacks. Logs on the back of a lorry as it drives to the sawmill. Unloading of timber at the sawmill. Logs going through the machinery. Trunks are cut into boards. Logs on a conveyor belt being chopped up for composition or chipboard. Fibreboard baked in an oven, being stacked.

New wooden housing being built. A car drives through a new village of wooden residential buildings. Black children play outside on the grass in front of residential buildings. A new suburb of wooden houses. A mother exits the house with her baby and puts him in a stroller before walking down the pavement, followed by two dogs. Sign for the city of Laurel, Mississipi, U.S.A. Busy city streets and lots of pedestrians. Laurel Compress Co. Trucks arrive at the cotton factory. A large vacuum tube, operated by a young boy, sucks up the cotton heads for processing in the cotton gin machines. Cotton is pressed into bales. The bales are loaded onto trucks and transported to mills. Bales are unloaded. Cotton is spun into thread and woven in cloth on looms. Men and women working in the factory. Cotton field and machines harvesting the cotton.

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