Film: 3293

Music | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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The following films were originally produced for use on Filmbox coin-in-the-slot machines utilizing a rear projection system onto a small screen known as 'Scopitone'. The films are 16mm optical sound but are reversed so any titles are back to front and the sound is out of sync because the Filmbox machine had a different sound system to a film projector.
'Tell 'Em What They Wanna Hear'. Featuring a comic male duo Al Saxon and Doug Sheldon.
'Mine All Mine'. Sung by Al Saxon who also plays the piano. 'Whose the baby standing over there' etc. Titled on a table napkin.
'I've Got That Old Warm Feeling' Shane Fenton (aka Alvin Stardust) with girls dancing the twist. No titles but song complete.
'Twist In Love'. Male singer / piano player with small band. Featuring Marino Marini with a couple dancing the twist. No titles.
'Rock and Roll Item'. Featuring a French group Les Chats Sauvages with a Hit Parade item from the 1960's. Funny rock and roll posturing.
'Please Be Like Mr Scrooge'. A group of girls (The Orchids ?) sing in the snow to a snowman whilst warming themselves by a fire.

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