Film: 3303

History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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James Watt, craftsman, inventor and engineer.
His recreated workshop at the Science museum in London.
Organist playing organ built by Watt. Man uses a machine for perspective drawing. Copying press being demonstrated. Canal bridge being raised by man turning a wheel - all inventions created by James Watt.
Brief clip of a Scottish canal.
Steam hissing out of a pipe. Clouds of steam from an unseen steam train. Factory emitting steam. Goods rail yard with steam engine passing in front of camera.
History of steam power. Close up of an Aeolipile machine, an early steam machine where water from a cauldron is pumped into a ball which steam causes to spin. Stills of designs from the 17th century. Model of a steam engine from 1712. The Watt engine. Diagrams explain how if worked. Model of “Old Bess”, Watt’s first successful steam engine, used to drive a water wheel. A rotating engine in use. Stills of the Company Bolton & Watt. Portrait still of Bolton. Various machines pressing and pumping in close up.
A Watt engine in operation at a Glasgow steel works. Men move heated steel into a press. The steam engine operates large rollers that flatten the steel. Workers viewed through the gaps in a wheel as it spins.
Still drawing of a steam ship. A model of a steam ship. Model of a side-lever engine for use in ships. Model paddlewheel in operation. Model steam locomotives. Bust of William Murdoch. 1785 model of a steam carriage invented by Murdoch. Portrait of Richard Trevithick, “father of the locomotive”. Model of Trevithick’s engine. Wylam Dilly locomotive in a museum, a man approaches the display.
Steam train heads towards camera. Stills of early Paddle ships. The Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth at sea. Steelworks machinery operated by steam power. A steam locomotive passes across the camera.
Statue of James Watt at The Watt Library at Greenock where he was born.

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