Film: 3304

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Hull, Humberside, East Yorkshire 1960's

Ferries enter Kingston-upon-Hull port and docks. Saga ferry from Gothenburg docks and unloads, as does the Norwave ferry from Rotterdam. Passengers disembark on foot. Double decker bus departs the passenger terminal. Cars drive off the ferries. Cargoes roll on roll off containers. Container parks. Boxes are balances and stacked. Man closes a container latch in close up. Lorries and cargo vehicles are loaded onto North Sea ferries. Rear of a refrigerated truck. A dock worker signals with his arms for a container to be positioned. Controller at the control panel for the ferry doors and gates to aid in the loading of cargo.
Close up of a fisherman in a heavy apron gutting a fish on a board. Fishing trawlers in port. View of the cargo hold with its catch already frozen. Frozen fish unloaded on conveyor lift system. Fish unloaded at St Andrews dock, Hull.
Albert Dock, Hull. Cargo and containers are unloaded off ships. Crane operator in his cabin at the controls. A truck docks with its trailer and a heavy load is lifted straight onto the lorry. Cargo being loaded onto vessels. Map of dock, a pointer points at Albert Dock. Overhead view of the new quay at Albert Dock. Boxes of cargo being moved by forklift truck. Boxes with Shell logo.
Timber docks at Victoria Dock, Hull shown on a map or plan of the docks area.
Alexandra Dock, Hull. Ship “Salmo” in port. Crane unloads timber. Dockside warehouse, goods being moved by forklift. Ferry leaves port. Large Scandinavian and Russian ships laden with timber being unloaded. A low loader receives a load of planks.
King George Dock Hull, the largest dock handling large ships. Timber from Canada is unloaded. View of crane operator. Hollis Bros truck pulls away with its load. Stacks of timber. Grain ship in dock. View of grain elevator for unloading cargo. Men in the vast hold of grain ship seem so tiny. Grain travelling along a chute to the silo for delivery beyond the dock. Overhead view of a wool warehouse. Wide road in front of dock loading bays. Car park.
New quay construction at Hull docks. Lorries deposit chalk base. Steel piles are driven into the ground. Map view of the area being constructed.
Salt End dock, Hull. Petrol storage facility, ships are unloaded. View over pipelines and lots of fuel storage tanks. A ship dredges silt from the harbour. Suction dredger at work in the harbour entrance. Impounding pump station, equipment is filmed. Such equipment ensures equal access to the docks regardless of tides.
The ferry terminal building for passengers. Cars queue for ferries. People inside the terminal sit in a waiting room. Pan from a large map on the wall of ferry routes to the North Sea Ferries enquiries desk with people queuing. Close up of smiling elderly man. An elderly woman gets her passport out of her handbag. Passengers using the travelator or moving walkway to board the ship. Cars boarding the ferry including a vintage open top vehicle. Cars drive past a ticket booth and up the covered ramp to the ferry. Deck gates close. Two passengers stand out on deck as the Rotterdam bound ferry pulls away from the quay. Spero Ferry in dock. Cars being loaded. Docks worker in naval style cap. Man releases the quayside rope and Spero sets off for Gothenburg. Rope is pulled onboard. Tug in the harbour. Door is closed on the ferry. Passengers watch their departure from on deck.

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