Film: 3309

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The end of world war Two, demob and settling to life on civvie street. Story takes form of being set thirty years hence, so some futuristic elements. Predictions.

Home gardener. Village shops. Nurses. Old man in home. Early television set. Old style grocers shop. Prefab houses. Early office. Loans for homes. 1940's home. Soldier returns from war, comes to his house with his kit bag, wife rushes out and they hug. Demobbed from the army. Round the Clock (Waterloo Station). Donald Duck World War Two savings. Swing Symphony. World War Two savings cartoons.
Man gardening and watering his standard fruit trees. He adjusts a ludicrous watch like thing on his wrist - it is a wrist radio! A man calls at the garden gate and takes water from the man's watering can for his car radiator. Men talk. Man leans on gate. Man gets in car and drives off.. Man smokes a pipe. (This opening is supposed to be set in 1976! Hence the 'futuristic' wrist radio but the clothes and car are all 1940s)
Flashback to demobilisation after the war. Soldier, a sergeant, with kitbag arrives home after the war, exits railway station. He embraces his wife on his doorstep. Wife shows her soldier husband their baby. Her parents are nearby. Couple kiss. Three generations in kitchen together. Older man shrugs shoulders. Younger man applies for jobs. He has meetings in offices, job interviews, failed interviews and rejections. Two hat wearing men meet outside a shop. One of the men is very confident. A sign in the shop window - loans for homes. Depressed man returns home. Baby rejects mug and pushes it away. Son in law and father in law argue - the younger man storms out. Employment Exchange interview. Man enters grocer's shop. Man working in grocers' shop. Family moving into pre-fabricated home. Happily laughing. Putting up curtains. She looks out of window at him digging. Man enters shop. Two men shake hands over counter. Man serves woman who resents being kept waiting, they argue and man loses job. Wearing pyjamas the couple argue. Twin beds, she in her nightie and crying and he consoling her. She is apparently pregnant. Building work. Men in back of truck. Car overtakes truck. Job advertised in a shop window - 'Improver wanted'. Man jumps from truck and rolls on floor. Men talk about job. Seated man smokes. Grocer's assistant. He assists woman and pats the dog in her arms. He cycles along line of pre-fabs. Wife is carried on a stretcher to an ambulance. In hospital, a nurse escorts man to his wife. He escorts wife out. Holiday by beach, a pony and trap ride on the seafront. Woman in deckchair on beach - her two children lead her by the hands to the sea. Happy family. In grocers. Couple talk in bedroom, he in dressing gown, she adjusting her hair. He takes her by the arms. Men talk, one seated and other resting on mantelpiece and smoking. Men reach an agreement. 'Castles Stores'. Then shop is called 'Walter Burgess'.
Man with pipe leans on garden gate. He taps his pipe out on the gate post. He waters trees. An advert for National savings.

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