Film: 3310

Sport | 1970 | Sound | Colour + B/W


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Le Mans - History of Racing at Le Mans 1970's

[Colour] James Coburn in close up drives old race car. Wears goggles and drives in rain. He talks and is driving 4 1/2 litre Blower Bentley of 1929. Drives through wooded countryside at Le Mans.
Cars racing on track during race in 1975. The crowds.
[B/w archive] 1906, first French Grand Prix, mechanics work on cars. Pushing cars out by hand. Slinging spare tyres into car. Man swigs bottle of wine. Co-driver climbs into car, and it starts. Next car pulled to starting line by horse. Cars drive off individually in lots of smoke. Track is 63 1/2 miles long. Race is 770 miles long. Cars during race going round the bend. Man with flag.
Racing over next few years. Car comes round bend and has small crash against side. Cars slide around S-bend. Another spins, another crashes and both drivers fall out unhurt. Car rolls as it crashes.
Colour: Coburn talks from drivers seat of car.
B/W: The twenty four hour Le Mans. Start of race from 1920's, starting from grid. Good shots of race.
Colour: Interview with 89 year old Sonny Davies. He talks of start of race - the running start.
B/W: Another start. Racing in country. Car broken down in ditch. Flag start and race of drivers to start.
1930 Bentley victory. Captain Wolf Barnardo speaks - the leading Bentley driver. An easy victory - he was "just touring".
1935 Car park of many cars. No more Bentley's at Le Mans.
Boy scouts walk under Dunlop Bridge.
Crowds. Alfa Romeo victories in 1931 -34. Lagonda drivers - the winners in 1935. 1937 race. Bugatti starts trio of French victories.
Colour: Coburn in sports car. He is driving the winner D-type Jaguar from 1957 in racing green. Riggs Cunningham altered a standard American Cadillac saloon to have a huge tank-like body - "Le Manster"
Riggs Cunningham gets in car. In 1975 he speaks over archive film of him driving in colour.
Colour - early 1950's- cars Aston Martin, with driver smoking.
Lofty England who masterminded Jaguar's racing strategy in late 1950's and in 1975 interview. Successful Jaguar drivers in early 1950's with bouquets.
[cut] Colour interview with Stirling Moss. Talks about crash in which 80 people in crowd were killed. Pierre Lebeay's Mercedes hits the back of Lance Macklin's smaller Austin Healey. Macklin survived. Other car explodes in the crowd. Another driver stops. The winning driver with bouquet of roses. Circuit made safer after the crash.
1960's Ford dominate Le Mans and motor racing. Racing. Crowds. Winning drivers on car. The Ford GT40 winner in 1968 and 1969. 1970 and 1971 a Porsche car wins. We see cars.
Racing in 1970's. Filmed from front car backwards which shows white flag and pulls into pit lane. Macra(?) factory team won in 1972-4 with Andre Pascolo, French driver winning. Flag waving on side of track.
The GULF car (petrol company) wins in 1975. The winner with bottle of champagne - giant Moet & Chandon bottle. He sprays it into the crowd.
Coburn talks about uneconomic value of racing. He gets into Turbo charged 911 Porsche and puts his seat belt on. Old racing car stands next to Porsche.
Lofty England talks of Jaguar's greatest successes. 1951 not a success. 1952 was. B/W film of race. Cars pass under Dunlop Bridge. Chequered flag waved over Jaguar as it crosses line.
Colour 1955. In pits. Mechanics work on cars and in engines. Cars racing, cars go round bends. They go up to pit straight. It is very narrow. Racing driver talks over film. Lap indicator is shown. B/W film of the major crash which killed 80 people.
Colour, 1955 man waves chequered flag as Jaguar win. The happy driver. Union Flag waves in crowd, but hollow victory with so many deaths. The drivers swig champagne - Mike Hawthorn and Ivor Douiebs? Night-time.

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