Film: 3317

London | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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London. Amateur home movie footage. Women viewing material in a shop 1950's

Department store shopping. Open Air Pool OASIS (in Holborn?). Children on fake beach. Men in swimming trunks walking to changing room. A woman hesitating about jumping into pool.
Poster for 'Off The Record'. Audience in open air watching music performance at bandstand in a park. Diamond rings on display. Men outside the Windmill Theatre look at posters - banner saying 'Revudeville'. Display with rhyme 'married in white…'. Pheasants on display. Display in shop window with rear ends of tow ducks and sing 'D.A. Haircut'. (Ducks arse haircut) Café and market - probably Soho.
Union jack flying. Crowds line streets to watch. Two guards with bearskins. Guards and police line route for as queen passes in carriage at Malaya House.
Tennis match. View from behind of couple sat on bench overlooking river. Tourists with cameras. Boat trip in readiness to leave. Big Ben shows 1'o clock. Butchers shop sign with prices in £ s d. People in park. Big Ben shows 2 o' clock.
Outside fish and chip shop with sign in £ s d. People asleep on park benches. Sign saying 'please keep off grass' and someone view of lower half of someone lay nearby. Event in Hyde Park with people in costumes and old vehicles - Terry Thomas rides a horse. Barrister in wig seen walking to building. Men watch women playing netball, (possibly Lincoln's Inn Fields - this was apparently a fixture on the dirty mack brigades' calendar back then). Tennis game. Café and restaurant frontage. Couple sat in open top car. People queuing. Antiques market. Small adverts on board for artists models etc. People milling in library choosing books. Librarian stamping books. Theatres. More restaurants and shops.
Open air pool, Oasis, swimmers dive into pool. People asleep in deckchairs. Audience watches performance outdoors. Riverside. Fruit stall. Sailor in uniform sat. Pigeons on building. Two metal dustbins without lids on. A piece of paper blowing down the street. A concrete mixer lorry and men working. Play area for children with pool. Views in the park. Street stalls with jewellery and antiques. Women sat in open cars with large and fashionable hats, Easter bonnets?. Pearly queen costumes. Woman holds two poodle dogs. A woman with sandwich board. Ladies netball team play with bandstand in background. Sign Lincolns Inn Fields.

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