Film: 3318

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The work of a rural G.P. general practitioner, doctor, woman 1950's

Fishing, man and woman. Salmon fishing on the river. Woman doctor, mother and child with a cough, writing prescription, dressing a bad foot, boy, ear examination, keeping files, visiting bedridden lady, isolated farms, visiting a store, taking blood pressure, visiting girls' school for inspections. Family meal, motor cyclist after accident.

Man and woman walk along high river bank with fishing hear, dressed as ramblers for a long walk in the country side with wellingtons on, two dogs bounce and run about in front and behind them. Titles. The woman casts out into the river with her fishing rod. The woman slowly reels in her fly line, the tip of the rod pointing downwards. The man sidecasts out from the bank, standing beside a tree, the dog standing behind him. The woman side casts out into the river. Her hand slowly turns the reel around, the rod pressed sideways across her chest. The woman's face. The man reels in his line quickly. The man catches a fish, the fish thrashes around in the water, hooked on the end of the line, it calms for a moment and then starts splashing around again, the woman bends over with a fish hook in one hands, she reaches into the reeds to snag the fish. The woman's face strains as she leans. The dog runs up a hill, he stops and gives himself a vigorous shake, he snuffles at the ground. The man holds the fish up by the tail, the woman carries the rod, still attached to the fish by the hook in its mouth, the man climbs the riverbank. The dog leans over the bank and disappears. The dog swims in the water, away from us, he turns abruptly and grabs a stick in the water. The man and woman walk across the steep hillside carrying their fishing gear, the dog bounds up to meet them.
A doctor's waiting room, a high table with magazines on it, a woman peruses the selection, two other woman sit on the chairs, two men talk at the other side of the room, the woman sits down with her magazine. A close up of a woman's face as she reads. Close up of a man's face. Another of the women.
The woman doctor sits behind her desk, she closes a drawer. A woman brings a small girl in by the hand, the mother sits down and pulls the little girl up on her knee, the girl is in school uniform, the mother puts the little girl down again after a while and turns her to undo one of the sweater buttons. The doctor leans over the side of her chair. The little girl sits n her mother's lap, with no shirt on, the doctor comes around with a stethoscope which she places in her ears, she takes the girl's wrist in one hand and places the stethoscope on her chest with the other, she makes exaggerated breathing movements for the girl to follow, she moves the stethoscope to various places on the girl's chest, the girl breathes in deeply, The doctor moves the stethoscope over the girls back, still holding the girl's wrist, the doctor tilts her head back and the girl opens her mouth, the doctor motions for the girl to get down which she does and she turns around as her mother gets her clothes ready to put back on her. The girl puts her undershirt on with her mother's help. The doctor writes at her desk.
A bare foot, a wrapping is unwrapped from the foot by a pair of hands, a gruesome cut is revealed on the side of the foot, the hands gently probe the cut. The doctor inspects the cut, the patients legs are on a doctor's table. The doctor moves towards the head of the patient, she takes the thermometer out of her mouth, the doctor holds up the thermometer, the patient nods as she talks with him. The cut foot, the doctor's

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