Film: 3319

London | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Sunrise on the banks of the Thames River, London. A clear sky, small boats docked in the water, smokestacks along the riverbank 1960's

Hyde Park in the early morning. Two jogging men , viewed from behind. A file of mounted Horse Guards walk through the park, in the distance. Horse guards ride towards (and past) the camera which is angled up from ground level.
Buckingham Palace. Tracking shot of the north side, the main (west) entrance, and the square in front of Buckingham Palace.
Trafalgar Square. A bronze lion at the foot of Nelson's Column.
London Zoo. A cage. Three kangaroos, standing on a grass lawn, viewed through a fence; then, in the foreground, the head of an ostrich appears.
Tracking shot along the road in front of the Zoological Gardens.
An arched pasageway in the background with 2 cannons in the foreground. Bird's eye view of a Beefeater walking, Two Beefeaters walking on a pavement towards the camera. The Tower Bridge.
A man leaves a row house and gets on a motorcycle. View of the road ahead from the vantage point of the driver (driver's face is visible, reflected in the rear-view mirror of the motorbike). Panning shot of amusement park grounds, with rollercoaster in background. As camera pans left, motorcyclist drives down the road and away from the camera. Close-up of a traffic signal (Red light, saying 'Stop', illuminated) with mansion block in the background. Shot of motorcyclist driving toward camera and stopping, at one end of a bridge.
Green coach driving along a road. Shot of red traffic light illuminated, then yellow also illuminates. Cut to motorcyclist and cars accelerating away from stopped position. Front view of motorcyclist driving. Panning shot of a cream-coloured coach driving along a road. Elevated shot of traffic moving along a divided carriageway lined with trees and parked cars. Cream-coloured coach moving along road. Sign indicating road directions for Victoria, Piccadilly, Kensington, Marble Arch and Knightsbridge. Shot following a double-decker London Transport bus driving along a road: a sign on the side of the bus, 'Huntley & Palmers Cornish Wafers'. Front of another bus, with sign 'London Motorway Express'. Red and white coach. Road sign, 'Speed Limit 4 mph'. Passengers on a bus get up from their seats, preparing to depart. View from front of motorcycle (driver's vantage point) along road. Man walking away from camera down walkway towards the Thames. He removes a comb from the back pocket of his jeans, combs his hair, replaces the comb in his trousers, and runs down the rest of the walkway.
Thames boat trips. A boat with passengers aboard passes under a bridge. View of the Thames, seen from a boat; the House of Commons and Big Ben are visible in the distance. Front view of a man, cigarette in his mouth, at the wheel of a boat. View of the underside of a bridge taken from a boat passing under the bridge; then the camera pans down to show the river ahead of the boat. Across the frame a bridge spanning the river is prominent. Passengers in the boat, their backs to the camera, look ahead. Tracking shot of buildings lining the Thames, as seen from a boat on the river. Close-up of a girl's face, lit by the sun. A tracking shot, taken from a boat moving along the Thames, of the dome of S. Paul's Cathedral. The Monument, in the City of London.
Close-up of a shiny military helmet (with a red plume) being shined with a cloth. A row of horse guards, wearing shiny silver/gold helmets with red plumes, with sabres over their shoulders and held in white-gloved hands. Mounted horse guards approach and pass the camera, with full uniforms and sabres held such that they point directly upwards from waist level. Horseguards riding slowly, away from the camera, and towards a building. Three horse guards approach the camera, having passed through an archway.
London Zoo. Small boy's face, lit by the sun. Two monkeys behind a fence, to which they are clinging. A small boy at the zoo climbs up onto a fence, behind which are two giraffes. Parrots (white and black) in cages. Panning shot of people and animals at the London Zoo: gorillas and penguins. The same small boy walks in the crowded zoo, speaks to a uniformed attendant. People walking on a flower-lined path. Close-up of a sea otter in a pool of water.
Tour boat on the Thames, near the Tower of London. Overhead view of a crowd climbing steps. Front view of people walking along a road. Two turrets at the Tower of London. Two shots of a Beefeater talking to crowds of tourists. A sign, 'Bloody Tower'. Sign, 'On this site stood a scaffold on which were executed Queen Anne Boleyn; Margaret Countess of Salisbury; Queen Catherine Howard; Jane, Viscountess Rochford; Lady Jane Grey; Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex; also near this spot was beheaded Lord Hastings'. Crows on the grounds of the Tower of London. A Beefeater speaking to a crowd of tourists.
People playing with pigeons in around the large fountain in Trafalgar Square.
Portobello Market. Close-up of silverware. People walking in the market. Sign above shop, 'Portobello Antique'. Man looking at bric-a-brac. Various close-up shots of people and items for sale at market stalls. Glassware. Lamps.
A small boy reaches out over a railing to touch an elephant's trunk. People sitting at tables in a park on a sunny day. View across the pond (in which ducks are swimming) on a sunny day in St. James's Park, with Buckingham Palace in the background.
A modern glass and steel office tower in the City of London, with the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral in the background. Several office towers under construction. A modern concrete office block; the camera then tracks across to a shot in which Big Ben and the towers of the Houses of Parliament are visible in the distance. A ground-level shot, looking up at a church tower.
A red double-decker bus, with front and side signs, 'Sightseeing Bus Tour'. Tracking shot of people walking along a busy street pavement. Piccadilly Circus. Curving arch-lined section of Regent Street. London Planetarium. Tracking shot of large crowds trying to look down into Downing Street. Red double-decker London Transport buses.
A bowler runs and delivers the ball in a cricket match. Two guards with bearskin hats marching side-by-side. Sign on the front of a bus: 'To and from Festival Gardens'. Tracking shot of modern residential buildings and tower blocks. Tracking shot of turrets of the Tower of London. A Beefeater walking along the pavement. Piccadilly Circus at night, with view of illuminated advertising boards, including 'Coca-Cola', 'Max Factor', 'Skol', and 'BP'. 'Underground' sign. A horse guard walks toward the camera and shuts iron gates.

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