Film: 3329

Media | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Language and Phonetics 1930's

By use of the same newspaper story being read in different parts of the country we hear different accents and styles of speaking English. Pronunciations within different English-speaking cultures.
BBC Broadcasting House, doorman opens the door for the camera.
Typing news for a BBC Broadcast Radio control room, men and headphones. Malcolm Campbell speed record attempt -reporter phones in results to New York editor (with plastic visor, no less). Cable of results sent to London, the headline is fitted into a newspaper. Printing press. Bundles of newspapers, sent across Britain by train. Shots of readers on fishing boat. Newspaper bundle with 'Daily Mail Llanfairfechan' written on it as a destination. A man walks through countryside and approaches a Welsh country cottage. A woman is in the front garden of the farmhouse in Wales. She takes a broadsheet newspaper from the man and they talk. She reveals Malcolm Campbell has beaten the speed record again. Sheffield factory. Conversation b/w. French and Englishman, metre of language.

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