Film: 333

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Gymnastics 1940's

Lots of good shots of small children doing gymnastics indoors at school. Boys and girls walk along a beam. There is a difference between the younger and older children. The older children are more confident and they can do more complex tasks on the beam, they step over a stick being held by another boy, they crawl under the stick and stand up on the beam again without loosing balance. Also in playground. Doing cartwheels. The younger children are trying to do cartwheels but are not so good as the older children. One little girl improves over 3 months. Look at the movement of the children doing cartwheels. Climbing net and pole. A young boy climbs up the net and over the top beam. It is quite high and he is a little nervous. An older boy does the task much quicker. Older boys still can climb a pole without the aid of the net.

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