Film: 3330

Politics | 1950 | Sound | B/W


NATO and the post World War Two era - European alliances for peace 1950's

Flags waving in the wind. Military officers walking into a building which is the headquarter of the SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers in Europe) in France near Paris. A cart loaded with hay crosses by pulled by horse. Soldiers crossing a river in a dinghy. Soldiers on the river's banks waving. Soldiers embracing each other. Crowd celebrating the end of the World War Two. Churches and buildings destroyed during the conflict. Soldiers embarking on a ship. Soldiers on a ship waving. Builders at work building up new buildings. Workers in a factory. A farmer at work in a field. Farmers harvesting a field. A Russian military parade under the watchful eyes of Stalin. Close-up of some Communist leaders. A view of the Red Square where the parade is taking place. A huge portrait of Stalin is brought in parade. Close-up of Stalin. The Red Army in parade. A geographical map of Europe and part of the USSR. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin during the Yalta Conference in 1943. The Potsdam Conference: Stalin, Molotov, Churchill, Truman can be seen meeting and sitting around a round table. A close-up of Stalin. A view of a destroyed city (probably Warsaw just after the end of the war). A crowd in a square. People in a cart pulled by two horses moving on a muddy road, with a waving Polish flag. Polish army marching. People in a poll-station holding their ballot papers. Nichola Jick (the president of the Polish government in exile), and a woman. A Russian general saluting the Polish army. An army parade. A close-up of Stalin who is clapping his hands. View of Prague. Jan Masaryk in a car driving through the city is greeted by a cheering crowd. A close-up of Masaryk. Molotov sitting down at a desk signs a paper, behind him Stalin (probably the images are from the signing of the Nazi-Soviet pact in August 1939). A military parade. Young boys in uniform marching. The ex-President of Czechoslovakia, Benes, during his retirement, walking slowly on a country road, accompanied by a young woman. The funeral of Masaryk. A close-up of the body's face. A view of the mourning crowd.

A geographical map of Europe and part of USSR. A close-up of the Western port of Turkey. Boats in the water. A view of the Dardanelles straits. Turkish political leaders. A Greek Temple. Buildings destroyed. A dead body lying on the ground. Two other corpses. Women mourning. People at a railway station crossing the tracks. The President Truman addressing the American Congress in March 1947. The congressmen stand up and applaud. A crane, a digger at work. A line of new vans. A military column on a road, on the side of the road some Greek women are sitting in circle. Greek people queuing for food. Close-up of a young boy holding an open bag. The General Marshall making a speech. The Conference I Paris, where the European Recovery Programme was discussed. A close-up of Molotov. A Stalin portrait. A crowd in a square holding portraits of Stalin, Lenin and other Communist leaders. A ship getting unloaded of its goods. Workers carrying bags of flour on their shoulders. A propaganda poster celebrating the Marshall Plan, in Greek. Writings against the Marshall Plan. Communists leaders addressing a crowd. Images from the general strike in France in 1946; workers on strike in England. Images of trains that have collided. Close-up of a dead body. The signing of the Pact of Brussels in March 1948. A geographical map of Europe. Marshall Montgomery arrives in France. A view of Fontainebleau Palace. Soldiers building a bridge, using a small boat. A plane. A cannon. Military officers talking on the deck of a ship. A geographical map of Europe. A geographical map on which Europe an the American continent can be seen. The ceremony of the signature of the North Atlantic Pact. A close-up of some flags. The countries representatives sitting at a table. People demonstrating in the streets in Paris and London. A geographical map showing Korea. Two dead bodies laying on the ground. Dead bodies scattered on the ground. Korean people fleeing away. Soldiers in a road among ruins of buildings.

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