Film: 3335

Food + Drink | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Presented by Marguerite Patten, cookery consultant to Weldon's Home Journal. Studio set. Advertising film 1950's

Marguerite walks about kitchen and takes a pinafore / apron off the back of the kitchen door. She puts this on over her smart suit. Marguerite talks to camera. Marguerite shows jar of Cadbury's Bournville Cocoa to camera - it is a great favourite for hot and cold drinks for all her family. She also uses it for chocolate cake. The cake she will make today does not cook - all the ingredients are mixed together and then it is left to set. It is so easy even a man could make it. Any volunteers? (Off screen - "Go on Bert, have a bash!") "Bert" ( who is actually Glynn Houston, brother of Donald) walks onto set already wearing apron. Bert is a real expert because he has fried an egg or two and made tea for the missus in the morning. Marguerite puts ingredients in bowl - margarine, sugar and Cadbury's Bournville Cocoa. Bert bashes it around in a bowl and puts a few drops of vanilla essence in bowl. Marguerite fetches saucepan from hob and puts syrup in cake. Crushed biscuits placed in bowl. Bert stirs ingredients. Put mixture into loose-bottomed greased tin. Bert puts mixture into tin and presses mixture down with knife. Leave to set for three hours. Bert thinks was "dead easy". Cadbury's uncooked cake. She gives Bert bowls to clear away and he walks off. (Off set Bert drops the pans and Marguerite winces). She starts to make the icing. Marguerite breaks Cadbury's chocolate into basin with water. Stands over basin of hot water. She walks to the hob and produces a basin she prepared earlier. This is emptied onto the cake and spread around. She produces cake set for three hours and takes it out of tin. She shows a decorated cake.
Herrings in oatmeal. Marguerite fetches a large platter and clears table. She takes tray away. She fetches box of porridge - "Scotts Porage Oats" (sic). Oats placed in large shallow dish with salt. Herrings lifted in and turned round to pick up oats. Instructions on how to cook herrings. She will grill them with melted margarine, till crisp and golden brown on both sides. Marguerite removes plate of herrings from oven which she shows to camera. [ Just here scratches on film. ] "Are you feeling hungry yet?" Those extra snacks do put on weight. "I suggest we choose our food carefully. That is why I like Ryvita - you can have as much butter as you want." She demonstrates how to spread butter. Good with soups or salad. Drink made from fresh oranges. Orange drink is supplied by milkman and costs 3d. Put a straw in bottle. [The end of our recipes at 12:00.]
Revolutionary new sewing-machine. Marguerite takes her apron off and leaves room. She enters sitting-room of studio. Sewing machine operator shows us the "Necchi" sewing-machine. She shows us the zigzag stitch. Marguerite shows us several lines of stitches. Buttonholes made and buttons may be sewn on. Machine does tacking and oversewing. "What about mending?" "Oh yes - you can mend sheets." "Those of you in London area can see demonstrators at 'Harrods', 'Dickens & Jones' and other shops." Demonstrator shown out.
Marguerite talks in close-up. She talks about the Pedigree Prestige Pram which guards against prams tipping up. As Marguerite demonstrates pram, the little boy in it starts to wail. Marguerite demonstrates the brake pedals. "Who can stop pram on steep hill?" Price of pram: £15 19s 6d. That's all we've time for this afternoon. Little boy smiles and waves 'goodbye' to the audience. Marguerite coaxes him. Marguerite says, "Please write to me." Voice-over gives the address.

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