Film: 3336

London | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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Racial prejudice on the streets of Islington in London 1970's.

Slum housing.
Children play in streets of Islington. Black children play as cowboys. Most overcrowded borough. Boys play street football and run when car sounds its horn. Adventure playground. Black and white children. Racial tensions amongst community. Interviews with residents about children. White adults complain about coloured (black) children. Panorama of housing due for demolition. Council buying up houses to demolish. Sold signs. Boarded up windows. Smashed windows. Woman in curlers smokes on doorstep. Black family at home, eating. White residents voice-over. Then white family and black resident voice-over. Interesting comparison. Burnt out housing. Boarded up burnt-out property. Interview with black witness. Outside toilet. White women talk about poor quality housing. Housing Action Group, mixed races to fight council. Interviewer of H.A.G. member with white woman who objects to immigrants. Pub with blacks and whites drinking. Blacks play pinball. White says I just don't like them. Whites say blacks are dirty and play loud music. Black man says economic hardship is to blame for prejudice. Black prison officer (works at Pentonville). Pentonville gates open and black prison officer lets prisoners out of gate at weekend to renovate housing. Mixing cement. Bricklaying. Prisoners provided with tea by mothers. Close up of hand rolling cigarette. Stirring cup of tea held in hand. Drinking tea. Lighting cigarette from cigarette. Street name Paradise Passage. Children in playground use hammers, jemmies, crowbars, and swing on ropes. Children on swings being pushed. Woman talks about meeting with planners. How planners tell them they will lose if they do not have big names on their committee. (She wears 1960's Mary Whitehouse glasses). Assistant playground leader talks about doing things for people. Playgroup assistant leader and his racist thug friend talk about the children. Children of different races white and coloured play together and it improves relations. Children in school sing song. Children walk out of school holding hand in a crocodile along Mackenzie Road. Teacher takes children to adventure playground. Children play with saws. Black female teacher / head teacher talks to camera. Children in playground play with hammers, slide down a slide, climb down a rope, play in tyres.

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