Film: 3337

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Getting Married in the 1970's in U.S.A, a look at marriage and why it succeeds and why sometimes it's ends in divorce. Excellent 1970s fashions and haircuts.

Engagements. Opinions on marriage, reasons why a relationship might break down. Housewives and husbands.
A wedding. Vox pops with hairy man with open shirt, young black man with afro haircut, young man and woman behind the counter of a shop. Outdoor wedding with man playing an acoustic guitar in the background. Another vox pop with man with long blond hair. Man says he 'needs a wife' to 'calm him down and put him in line'. Newlyweds piece to camera. One couple the wife is pregnant, another woman is still in school and her husband does not have a job. Couple run along a beach then have a kiss.
History of marriage, nice b/w archive footage from silent movie of American pioneer families in covered wagons. Wife gazes out the door of a cabin (holding an axe!) while her husband cleans his gun. B/w melodrama romance. Cowboy seated next to woman sheepishly gives her a small bunch of flowers. A strange shot where the cowboy creeps across a room to his woman with outstretched arms. A couple hug each other standing on a rock in the open air.
Woman unloads her shopping onto counter at supermarket. Hand works a food mixer. Hand uses an electric tin opener. Close up of food being taken out of a microwave oven. Old man looks at his mail from an American style mailbox. Woman at work in an office talks on telephone. Slow motion of mixed volleyball. Another couple walk down a bank in a wood or forest, he helps her. Seated they then explain why they are married, they say they are in love. In contrast - dude holding a surfboard says 'I love surfing'. In silhouette at sunset - couple snogging on the beach.
Mother holding a baby. Little boy licks an ice cream. Dog licks an ice cream. Old woman brings a drink to her husband who is gardening in front garden of American house -stars and stripe flag hangs from front of the house. He gives her a flower.
More vox pops - woman says marriage is about sexual attraction. Another man explains marriage while making a pot on a potter's wheel. His wife says it's about having a lifelong companion. Black woman holding a bicycle says its about 'togetherness'. The old woman also does piece to camera. The kissing couple from the beach say 'I love you' to each other in a quite sickening scene, he then proposes 'Let's get married', she says 'OK'.
Woman in a spotty shirt finishes a business conversation ('Talk to my secretary') then turns to camera and says marriages fail because expectations are unrealistic, she is some sort of marriage counsellor. Camera follows a couple down a crowded street, she is wearing long hippy type dress, commentary explains about ideal partner being of similar background etc.

Two women chat to each other, one asks 'how did it go last night', the other says 'I said yes' - girlie giggles. Marriage turning sour - Man sits on his own watching television, turns to offscreen wife and says he does not want to go out. Top left off toothpaste! Clothes left lying on the floor. Same man waiting for his wife, he keeps looking at his watch while she shops for clothes. Interview with the sour couple about why their marriage failed.
Three types of marriage - the traditional marriage. Dishevelled wife cooks breakfast for husband while he reads the newspaper. She kisses him and he says 'Thank you dear'. Second is the companion style - same wife hands husband breakfast of eggs, she is wearing tennis whites, husband asks her what she is doing today and she days 'I'm playing tennis with your new client's wife'. Third type is the equal or egalitarian type, both husband and wife are now cooking breakfast together, she asks him to do some shopping as she has a meeting.
Spotty shirt woman says that a mixture of two of these types spells trouble, she says people should take the time to think about things before marriage. Couple seen earlier in the shop and making pots, he goes to work, she is now pregnant - piece to camera saying they have had problems but marriage is working.
Sour couple now arriving at a building, walk up steps separately. They sit in a waiting room looking grumpy avoiding each other's gaze. The marriage counsellor in the spotty shirt then opens her door and says 'can you come in?'.

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