Film: 3339

Education | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Film about career opportunities for teenagers leaving school. A teacher provides advice using examples in contrived scenes where children try to perform in jobs in the adult world and fail, due to lack of preparation or unrealistic expectations 1960's

Teenage school children eating lunch in the school cafeteria as they look out the window. One girl plays with her spoon on her near empty plate with her head resting in her hand. Wider view of the kids all eating something from bowls.
An empty school hallway is populated one by one by students (special effect) until it is full. Teacher addresses the hall full of pupils, asking the group “what do they want to do” with their careers. He separates the students into groups of Makers, Office, Art, Outdoors, People, Staying on at school and Don’t Knows. One boy questions the teacher and a discussion ensues.
A high street. A young lad in suit and hat enters a grocery shop. He refers to a list and asks the shopkeeper for jam, marmalade and butter. He ends up with bags of shopping but exclaims he didn’t want to buy anything. He’s supposed to be a salesman visiting the shop, but is too shy to direct the conversation properly. The man shoves the bags towards him and calls next, as he’s only interested in serving customers.
Back at school the teachers asks if the boy has learnt anything about trying a job that wasn’t right for him? Teacher asks the students “what they want from a job”. Individuals call out various things, such as money, travel, close to home.
Another scenario is acted out. Door of a Personnel Office is shown. Inside a boy sits opposite a stern man wearing a bow tie, who picks up a carafe of water. The man lays out the terms of his employment as he inspects his water glass. When he turns around the employee has fainted, so he pours the water on his face. He comes to back at school and startled.
The teacher continues with his careers lecture.
Next scenario has a boy on his motorbike, who has left school and started work. He arrives at his old school on the motorbike and shouts up at the windows. The windows in the building are opened and students look out at the commotion below. He rides his motorbike fast around the basketball courts and tells the children to leave and get a job. Close up of boy in his open faced helmet and of his hand twisting the throttle. He shouts some more and rides off across the grass.
Back at school the lecture continues and another example of youth impatience is acted out. A boy wearing a boiler suit in a workshop asks his boss for more money and is told off. He threatens to leave, as all he wants is money.
Back to the teacher.
At school, pupils make their way to classrooms. One boy blows his nose in a hanky. The boys bound upstairs knocking into others coming down. A classroom full of girls learning sewing are shown. A mixed sex classroom with students seated at their desks. The teachers singles out pupils and asks them maths questions, one squirms uncomfortably while another answers correctly. A very brief clip of three boys doing a physics experiment in class.
The same classroom scenes are repeated this time with the commentary from the teachers point of view, rather than the students. The teacher continues his lecture. The kids suddenly appear in differing workplace uniforms or clothing. Young boy combs his hair in a mirror, which with the aid of special effects cracks to his surprise. Teacher’s face behind the broken glass.
In another contrived scene a boy strikes up a conversation with an old man working in his garden, who talks about his hard time working at an engineering plant. The scene continues as the boy enters a kitchen at his uncle’s house and asks for advice. The uncle wipes he hands after washing them at the sink. As he wipes his hands he talks in a very complicated manner about his role in the production line process, just confusing the boy.
Back at school the teacher fans open a collection of careers advice leaflets the students can refer to. The teacher suggests the best place to start for advice however is “talk to your parents”. A large chorus of groans erupts from the pupils.
The teacher “relives” an interview with a student and his domineering father, who wasn’t interested in grades and thus provided an example of a parent providing bad advice.
An acted out scene with a fortune teller. Sign saying Madame Yeo and a striped tent awning with the words “Your Future Guaranteed”. Fortune teller with crystal ball and exaggerated mannerisms. A young boy listens intently but time runs out before he gets any answer. He leaves the tent, where a long queue of other pupils wait their turn on the school playing field.
The teacher talks about the important role of the Youth Employment Officer, who will guide you in the right career direction. His rallying speech of motivation over, the teacher sends the kids off to class.

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