Film: 3341

Social History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Young adults at a social club or youth club 1950's

Three boys meet a girl. People speaking to each other. Close up of the exit sign as one of the boys leaves the club. Narrator speaks, the boy walks down the road at night. Commentator speaks about "Today's" youth. This boy leaves the social club early as he and a friend are attending evening classes. Close up of a poster advertising evening classes. Boys looking at a list - range of subjects (different languages) that they can learn. Boys sitting in a classroom, teacher in front, by the chalk board. See his friend playing the piano. The boys (Jerry, other friend Peter) are at the social club, speaking to a girl. Narrator says that he has little or no ambition but he enjoys his job. Peter wiping the windscreen of a car. Jerry rides a bicycle towards the camera. Jerry meets Peter to go to the youth club. They arrive at the club (sign - Benbury Youth Club). Member paying a small subscription towards the upkeep of the club.

Boys playing table tennis and snooker. Peter meets the club leader and is shown a list of activities that he can join. Peter points to carpentry and is introduced to another member. Peter improves on his carpentry skills - a boy helps him. He also helps someone else to design a model aeroplane. Boys play table tennis. The boys try to start a fight but stop when the club leader enters the room. He speaks to the boys to calm the situation. Boys (who founded a first aid group) practise on each other. Youth club meeting - leaders and members discuss the day to day running of the club, rules. Two members helping an elderly person with shopping. They deliver the shopping on a round. Peter, at the hospital, brings books and magazines. He is also head of a group which collects and mends toys. Peter delivers a box of toys to the hospital. Club leader organises repairs made by the members. He tells the boys which repairs to do, see the boys repairing. Club library. Jerry advises the members on what type of book to read. Chess club. Sports field. Day trip to the country. The boys and leaders arrive at the station, exit the train.

Whilst they are walking, see a windmill behind them. Weekend outing to another club in a different district, a mixed club, stage plays. Narrator states that the club leaders are full time and some have attended special courses in youth leadership at University. Boy scout group on parade, walking down the street playing the bagpipes. The youth club members hear the music and go to the window to look. (wearing the traditional kits) Reading room, members are seated reading, listening to wireless and participate in friendly debate led by the club leaders. Tea room, people socialise. Music plays. The boys leave the mixed club.

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