Film: 3343

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Asbestos Production 1960's

London traffic. A traffic policeman stops vehicles at Hyde Park Corner to allow the horse guards to exit Hyde Park. Traffic lights. Cars and London black cabs filmed from ground level. Cars braking at traffic lights. A woman crosses the road with a white poodle. The traffic waits at the lights. There is a lad without a helmet riding a scooter with an L plate and also bicycles. London traffic coming round an intersection. A London double decker bus pulls up at a stop.

A dynamometer in operation. White coated technician monitors the equipment’s control panel. A wheel spins on the machine.

Truck crosses the road and enters the Mintex factory. Sacks of asbestos in a stack. A man wearing a face mask lifts one, opens it and tips the contents into a hopper. A technician takes a sample of the fine powdered asbestos after it has been refined with a centrifugal separator. In a lab with test tubes and bubbling beakers, where tests are carried out. The asbestos is viewed through a magnifying glass. On the factory floor clutch liners are made by machine with asbestos on a production line. A man opens an oven type door and sets up a tray of clutch liners for the curing process. He sprays them with a bonding agent. A man wearing a protective face mask weighs asbestos before adding it to moulds used in making brake liners. The moulded product goes in the grinding process. Wide angle view of the large factory floor. The process of making disc brakes is shown. Rivet holes are stamped in clutch liners. Tolerances are checked by a factory supervisor. Disc brakes are loaded into a machine for testing under extreme pressure. Quality control workers do their checks. Ultrasonic device is used for testing.

Brake and clutch liners are fitted to factory test cars. A man gets into a jeep. On the door of the vehicle it says “Mintex Proving Ground Test Fleet Sherburn in Elmet”. He closes the door and drives off. Test track and roads where cars are driven. Supervisor watches through binoculars. View from inside the car being tested, an Austin Healey. Close ups of controls. Car brakes fiercely. Brakes from the vehicle are removed after testing and examined. The test driver back in the garage takes measurements of the used brakes. Testing of public transport. Weights are loaded into a bus to mimic the weight of passengers, before braking tests are carried out. Vehicles now tested in normal conditions on the public roads. Cars on a quiet motorway. A bus on an A road, enters a roundabout in a city centre. Back at a test site a car (MG?) has its brakes tested in water. Out on the open road a car drives through a ford to simulate the off road test. Driver POV driving through a town in the rain. Windscreen wipers are working. A woman approaches a pedestrian crossing in a raincoat and holding an umbrella. A car screeches to a halt.

Research facility at Mintex. Brakes and clutches are put under extreme testing on dynos or dynamometer.

Distribution of Mintex products. A car assembly line in operation. Exterior of a Mintex Depot. Inside a customer is served at the sales counter. Shelves of Mintex products. The salesman selects an item and serves the customer. A man replaces liners.

A large crane with earth moving bucket on its arm works in a quarry or construction site. Industrial vehicles working in a construction area.

Transportation. Ships in dock. A small crane lifts timber. Airport, planes are parked at gates, another takes off in the background. A Britannia aircraft taxis and a brief glimpse of a Sudan Airways plane as it taxis.

European city with a cathedral in the background, traffic proceeds along the road in front. A 1960s Mercedes exits from a Textar factory, possibly Leverkusen. A VW bus pulls onto a forecourt of a Textar depot. Another factory. Two women working with clutch liners at a table, they stamp each one. Car approaches a road junction where a sign points to Dusseldorf. Overhead view of a European motorway.
The last few seconds of the film ends with central London traffic close ups.

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