Film: 3345

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


A recruiting / training film for teenage shop assistants 1950's

Shop assistants, with customers. Curry's van. School boys looking at bikes, very young man smoking cigar signing cheques. Comparison of good shop assistants with bad - smart vs. scruffy/smokers. Approach to customers. Fridges, cycle lamps. Lots of faces speaking in close up. Hoovers, iron, televisions, radios. Demonstrating TV in living room. Replenishing stock. Writing in stock register. Display work. Say 'Good Luck' to the camera. Man talks to camera about staff efficiency for three or four minutes. Curry's training centre at Winchester mentioned. Boring. Cashier overwhelmed by paperwork puts S.O.S. sign in window.
Curry's shop, van. Camera tracks into shop. Sales assistants demonstrate goods. Schoolboys in caps study a bicycle outside Curry shop.
Graphic demonstrates promotion prospects. Teenage boy (18 years old) smokes cigar and takes notes (he is hoping to be manager). Customers study fridges and have vacuum cleaner demonstrated. Shop front. Sales assistant turns around and says "Good morning, madam". Woman customer points at box behind assistant. He takes box off shelf. Example of poorly dressed assistant smoking a cigarette and lounging. Good assistant hands box to customer, then he tidies his part of the shop. Scruffy assistant does not make customer feel she is wanted. Good assistant demonstrates a twin-tub washing machine. A second twin-tub is demonstrated, its features are shown to woman customer. Assistant demonstrates four-track recorder. Assistant demonstrates fridge. He indicates the freezer compartment. Bored customer looks at wrist watch as assistant fits a plug. Rack of cycle lamps. Close ups of talking faces. Assistant assists woman to attempt to dry cuddly toy in large hair dryer. Curry's van. Price tags on goods in shop. Bad demonstration takes too long. The hands of a clock at 11 o'clock and 11:45, assistant has taken too long! Customer walks off. Man stands with his hands on his hips. Young sales assistant listens in on shop manager as he tries to sell record player. Young male assistant argues with older man about an iron. Man walks off. Assistant looks after him. Man at counter's ignored as assistant rushes to demonstrate more expensive television set. Several customers crowding at counter. Assistant ignores several customers to serve pretty woman. They discuss small boxes on counter. Companion sales, iron stand, flex support, extra reel for tape recorder, bicycle stand to accompany bike. Use companion sales to make further sales. Old larger batteries. Showing a transistor radio. "Be a salesman, not a shelf reacher". Pleased man smiles and nods head.
Curry's bonus lines, graphic shows commission to be earned. In couple's front room, sales assistant demonstrates television set. Shop assistant turns tuning dial. The five key points are "Good Appearance", "Correct Approach", "Knowledge of Merchandise", Salesmanship", Efficiency". Stocktaking with the manager saying what is needed and shop assistant writing it down on clip board. Removing items from box which are entered in stock register. Making a good display. Some paperwork. Explaining a point to a customer. Female cashier is out of her depth with paperwork and scribbles "S.O.S." on a card which she holds against her window. Assistant asks for advice from shop manager. Resume. Graphic shows promotion ladder. Feet walk slowly towards camera. Montage of pound notes. Pan around shop. Assistant leaves district manager looking slightly unhappy by disappearing to help a customer. Assistant says "Cheerio", another says "Good luck" as he gives a thumbs up signal. Third assistant is being drooled over by attractive woman customer. Pull back from cash till.
[Then three minutes of] - Talk to camera by company managing director. Talks about efficiency, and the great future of assistants. Man puts on glasses and reads from report. Takes off glasses and wishes "Good luck".

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