Film: 3350

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


County of Surrey in the UK, during the 1950s.

Arterial road 1930's style. Richmond river and shots of Richmond bridge with a double decker bus going over it. Lots of shots of tourists by the river feeding horrible pigeons. Shot of gardens along the embankment with fountain and vista of the river Thames. Shot of the Thames from Richmond Hill Star and Garter at top of the hill - home for disabled servicemen.
Deer in Richmond Park, man sawing a branch off an oak tree. Another view of vista of Thames from Richmond hill.

4'52Ham House. Shots of statues and front door. Then shot of interior hall and pictures on the wall. Also shot of stairs with elaborate carvings. The long gallery with guilt cupboard on lacquered stand. Shot of miniature room with painted ceiling and collection of miniatures on the wall. Shots of elegant ceilings including the Queen's bedroom and dressing room. Finally, a look at the flower gardens there.

7'35 Epsom Race Course

7'58 Bridge at Cobham over the River Mole Various shots of the river Mole with children playing, along banks and meadows there is a mill at Church Cobham. Boys in river fishing and wading and throwing stones. Peaceful scene by the mill of swans in the river. Then shots of the Mole in Mickleham. 9'53 shots of lych gate at Mickleham Church. At 11'00" shots of Box Hill and views from it. Shots of village of Brockham and nearby church at Letchworth and fishermen fishing in the Mole by a bridge. Shots of an unusual garden with statues and an aviary. Shots of farm and cow with young calf. Shot of river Mole.

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