Film: 3353

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Sierra Leone, Africa in the 1950's.
Landscape, woman puts on diamond necklace. Mining in progress. Bush cleared. Open cast mining. Panning for diamonds. Villages deserted in diamond rush. Syrian and Lebanese diamond dealers. 45,000 people have to leave country when government regularise. London HQ send people to buy diamonds. Legal and illegal dealers and panners. Freetown and the courts with a black judge. Diamond smugglers. Immigration post at Koindu where a policeman stops a truck. People in canoes and women walking through fields of tall grasses with goods carried in baskets on their heads. Smugglers to Liberia and police work to catch them. Sierra Leone police with white colonels. Information for police. Ambush planned, they get 15 diggers. At Diamond Corporation Sierra Leone, a white man inspects diamonds during a meeting with other men. Sierra Leone hospital. At a rural small airstrip a light aircraft pilot receives a package and boards his plane, which takes off and flies over the jungle landscape.

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