Film: 3354

London | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Social housing.
Sir David Milne-Watson speaks to camera from desk. Miss Derby and Maxwell Fry, London. Slums. Kensal Green street scenes. Large houses. Girls skip in street. Tenant talks to camera. Family to each floor. Says that his small family is crowded in its small house, we see seven of them sitting on table drinking tea. Another family of eight eat in kitchen. Wife carries bucket of slops in downstairs. Bed in living room, man reads paper, woman sews, children read. Woman hangs washing on front railings. Models of good working class flats. Aerial shot of Kensal House tower blocks. Great Western Railway G.W.R. and steam train at Ladbroke Grove, Kensington, London. Flats have balconies, man stands on one. Clothes drying near window. Shots of inside of flats. Bedrooms. Grounds contain nursery school for toddlers. 'Old gas holder site now a playground'. Boys play football. Adult and children's clubs. Woman tenant talks to camera about nursery. Mother takes son's coat off and puts his overalls on. Children play. Nurse bandages little girl's knee. Children have morning milk from mugs and drink teaspoons of cod liver oil, children eating lunch in small canteen. After dinner children wash at wash basins. Girl brushes her teeth. Camp beds fill the room and children sleep for two hours. Teacher plays piano and children play. Outdoors toddlers with bicycles. Women at social club sitting around sewing and chatting. Men at carpentry class, man making chair. Using plane. Man does boot repairing. Men play in band with accordions. Canteen where women drink tea. Family play billiards on six foot table in home. Wife irons with gas iron in kitchen. Husband lays dinner table. Spreads tablecloth. Gas cooker. Serving hatch, wife passes loaf to son who puts it on table. Girl toasts bread on gas fire. Water heater in kitchen. Bath. Mother washes up, daughter dries dishes. Woman cooks and tastes food from saucepan. Old fashioned coal range. Man turns wall-mounted wireless, radio on. Woman tends plants on balcony. Allotments next to flats. Woman uses spray gun. Gas fires. Wooden draining board. Fuel used in gas is smokeless. Shot of chimneys of Kensal House. Children on see-saw.

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