Film: 3358

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The parents of adopted children.
A support group for parents who adopted children. The parents share feelings, problems and learn from the challenges they face. Adoption.

A group of parents are seated in a circle, they each introduce themselves. The narrator talks over the film explaining the purpose of the group. The group leader talks to one of the couples about problems they have had with their adopted child. The mother explains how he was caught playing with matches. Another couple talk about the inequality between their two adopted kids, the one who arrived later asked why she had less toys. A mother speaks about the tension amongst her children, the adopted one breaks the toys he plays with. Another mother shares her worries about her adopted boy peeping through the bedroom keyhole. One couple talk about how their daughter wanted to go back to her foster home during the early days with her new family. Another couple say they experienced the same problem. The parents share how they sometimes feel like they have failed. A social worker and group leader steer the conversations and encourage the group to help guide each other through problems.

Good examples of 1970s fashions with colourful shirts and blouses and loud ties worn by the parents.

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