Film: 3362

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Copenhagen Denmark film showing how the new design of housing and layout of estates has improved the overall comfort of the citizens of Copenhagen without destroying the many historic features of the City. Avenues and gardens provide a breathing space from the hectic atmosphere of any big City.
00m24ss:- Cyclists playing a big part of the traffic stopped by officials at junction.
01m.09ss::- The general hurly-burly of traffic with cars and trams to be negotiated by the cyclists.
01m.37ss:- Opinions of various people being given.
01m.49ss:- Children playing on swings and roundabouts, happy faces for the camera.
02m.14ss:- Young women walking and chatting.
02m.20ss:- A pair of horses wearing jaunty hats.
02m.26ss:- Small cottage with couple sitting outside.
02m36ss:- Older gentleman walking into entrance of public space carrying bag, so possibly a Bowling Green?
02m51ss:- A row of shabby buildings then a shop front with closed shutters.
A run-down house with fence awry, overgrown steps and a cane armchair. This is generally an area of dilapidation.
03m.13ss:- A wasteland track.
03m.16ss:- Aerial views.
03m.23ss;- Road traffic and pedestrians.
03m29ss:- Trees and shoreline – rough ground.
04m20ss:- Small Copse.
04m.23ss:- Map of British Isles, Scandinavia & Europe.
04m.36ss:- Aerial view of harbour and small island with “TREK RONER” an old Fort.
05m.16ss. Continuing aerial view looks almost like a miniature village layout.
05m. 55ss:- Entrance arch with drawbridge leading into possibly a Living Museum with people in period costume walking through a cobbled yard.
06m.37ss:- Front of cottage with open stable door and man leaning through window.
06m.41ss:- Shepherd herding sheep through street of Black and White houses.
07m.11ss:- Lady walking through Park with fountains in foreground.
07m.21ss:- Back to the present with visitors walking and enjoying tea on the terrace.
07m.45ss:-Child on playground horse.
07m.46ss:- Boating on Lake.
07m.57ss:- Travel Poster for Copenhagen.
08m.00ss:- Fishing Boat in harbour.
08m.01ss:- Poster for Vacation in Denmark.
08m.04ss:- Back to City traffic.
08m.17ss:- Lady and boy crossing street road towards “Nielsen Store for Juniors”.
08m.21ss:- Stylised picture of policeman holding back traffic & pedestrians to allow Duck and Ducklings to cross the road. This is immediately followed by real Duck and Ducklings crossing the road.
08m.40ss:- Change of scene to show Modern Homes.
08m.46ss:- Zebra Crossing in use by Nursery Class.
08m.56ss:- Elderly Gentlemen and Ladies engaged in conversation.
09m.09ss:- Avenue of Birch Trees.
09m.14ss:- Aerial View with superimposed Philosopher in chair with scrolls to hand.
09m44ss:- Another superimposed sketch of reclining figure.
10m.07ss:- Back to earth and Multi Storey buildings with cars parked alongside.
10m.23ss:- Main road with overhead lighting and Blocks of Flats to the side.
10m.30ss:- People on seat beside a small water garden.
10m.37ss:- Side view of Flats with cars parked at the base.
10m.58ss:- Close-up of Balconies on Flats.
11m.12ss:-Countryside with footpaths.
11m.40ss:- Views across the Bay.
12m.00ss:- Close-up of flower.
12m.06ss:- More views of Balconies with Large Umbrellas and window boxes and view from roof looking down at front of building.
12m.24ss:- Long view of flats from footbridge.
12m37ss:- Back to older cottage seen earlier.
12m44ss:- Model Stork with chicks in nest on roof gable.
12m48ss:-Children playing with dolls prams in garden & well tended gardens and fence 13m.02ss:- Stone path being raked by rather warm gentleman mopping his brow whilst small party of gents relax unconcerned.
13m.15ss:- Aerial view of housing development showing trees interspersed with communal areas.
13m43ss:- Road traffic driving along tree lined avenues.
13m43ss:- Modern houses in traditional style – Artists sketching.
14m.10ss:- Old sketch of area and Historical Paintings.
14m.29ss:- Riverside and view of traditional houses seen from different angle.
14m.45ss:- Boy and girl chatting outside row of basic housing.
14m50ss:- Leafy suburban scene with lots of foliage to give privacy to residents.
15m27ss:- Agricultural Show and parading horses.
15m.37ss:- Grandstand visitors.
16m.00ss;- Typical young boy astride tractor.
16m09ss:- Cattle feeding on fodder and given helping hand by young boy.
16m18ss:- Ringside and parade of Bulls.
16m.23ss:- Pigs in sty.
16m.25ss:- Lunch time for humans.
16m.55ss:- Back to Parade ground and day over, time to go home.
17m15ss;- Scene from main road with modern flats and lawns laid out to keep noise at bay.
17m.31ss:- Shops in town and children at play.
18m.42ss:- School and modern development, plenty of space and greenery.
21m.17ss:- Window shopping in the City.
21m.45ss:- Rest time for adults and playtime for children.
22m.30ss:- Entrance to Tivoli Gardens and illuminations at night with a closing Fireworks Display.

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