Film: 3363

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Brazil and the Amazon.

Aerial views over the Amazon river. River level views of the tropical rainforest along the banks of the river. Rain clouds. The river in flood. Damage to the banks of the river from heavy rain, soil erosion. Two people in a canoe row along the Amazon. View up into the tree tops. Canoeists navigate a narrow stream off the river and get out of their boat in the dense jungle.

A man machetes his way through the jungle searching for a rosewood tree. Vines hang from the tree. He taps the trunk. Brazil nuts, a man axes open a large pod or shell to reveal the nuts within. A rubber plantation. A man taps a rubber tree. Latex drips into a bowl. Rubber processing over an open fire in a jungle shelter creates a ball of rubber. With the liquid rubber the man makes a shoe by pouring rubber over a wooden last. He hands the wet shoe on a stick, to a boy who puts it in open air to dry.
Brazilian agriculture workers partially clear land for planting. Man sows jute seeds with a hand planter. A cassava crop being harvested. Cocoa plants.

A small sailing boat on the Amazon. River boats transport goods and people. Boat flying the Brazilian flag. A motor boat tows a line of canoes laden with goods. A meal is cooked in a canoe as it journeys down river. A monkey on board a boat being kept as a pet. A woman with an infant rests in a hammock on a boat. The monkey has its own hammock. A man bails out a canoe as it fills from heavy rain. View of a village at the water’s edge.

Map of Brazil, highlighting the Amazon area.
A village or small settlement. A woman sweeps leaves. A thatched hut or house. Inside women fold up hammocks. A woman walks along a raised boardwalk. She sits by an open fire in the cook house. Two men approach the river bank in a canoe and place the fish they have caught in a basket. The Amazon cod are unloaded from the canoe and carried to the village. Women clean and fillet the fish. Village cattle in a pen. Women collect water in gourds. Women peeling cassava. Women knead the shredded cassava mixed with water, in a hollowed out log. The mixture is packed into a woven vine tube. Liquid is squeezed from the tube and hardened mixture taken to the cook house for drying and roasting over an open fire. Girls stir the cassava meal, a flour like staple food stuff. A woman stitches a jute fishing net. A lady makes clothing using a foot pedalled sewing machine. Another girl irons a dress using a coal filled iron.

Two men paddle at canoe to the shore. They have collected firewood. The men unload logs at the trading post, adding them to an existing large pile of firewood. A river steamship pulls into the shore and men start unloading sacks of goods at a trading post. Other goods are loaded onto the boat, including firewood. The steamer continues on its journey.

Map of Brazil again with the cities of Belem and Manaus marked.

Brazil, the Amazon and city of Manaus / Manaos.
Manaos city and port. Street scenes. A tram travels along the cobbled street. Pedestrians and children playing with a ball in a large city square. A domed building. Panning view of the port. Balls of rubber are loaded at the river port. Bundles of vine fibres awaiting shipping and wooden crates stamped “Produce of Brasil”. Overhead cables carry goods for loading at the piers. Men load sacks on a river boat.
Final views of a very wide Amazon river.

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