Film: 3365

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Family Planning and sex education

A baby that has just been born, it is crying. View of the mother looking unhappy, alone and disinterested. The infant is wrapped in a blanket and handed to the mother but she doesn’t want it and just turns her head away.
Brief clip of a wedding party with bridge and groom as they walk along a path through landscaped grounds. Father with a young boy. The happy smiling mother. The family of three hug and walk away from camera in a country park.
Silhouette of a couple on the beach at sunset.
Diagrams and drawings of the female reproductive system, narrator explains who the system works. Back to the couple in silhouette on the beach, facing each other.
Diagrams and narration now explain how the male reproductive system works and how a baby is produced and develops.
Drawings of the female reproductive system showing the monthly cycle.
A date on a calendar is circled, it is September 23rd. On a piece of paper is written months and number of days – a woman is keeping a menstrual diary. More diagrams of the ovary. Narrator explains the rhythm method of contraception. A bedside alarm clock in close up. It is 7 o’clock and a thermometer lies in front if the clock. Close up of woman putting thermometer in her mouth. Fertilisation of an egg shown in diagram format.
The function and use of a condom is explained using diagrams and narration. A pair of hands are filmed holding a condom.
The sponge and diaphragm are explained with drawings and narration as an alternative contraception method. Film of a woman holding up a sponge and diaphragm. The woman dips the sponge in a glass of water, wrings out the excess and applies powdered spermicide to both sides. A diagram shows how to insert the sponge. A table covered in diaphragms of all shapes and sizes. A woman picks up a diaphragm and coats it in spermicidal cream. A drawing indicates how it is inserted. The woman holds up the products to the camera.
Spermicides are explained. A host of products are on a table pointed out by a woman’s hand. She picks up a tablet and moistens it in water. A diagram shows how the tablet spermicide is inserted in the vagina. Close up of a vaginal suppository and another drawing showing insertion. Narrator explains the use of each product. The use of an applicator for inserting spermicide products.
The contraceptive pill. A woman holding a single pill between two fingers. She swallows it with water. Diagrams and narration explain how the female pill works. A hand holding two pills in the palm. A repeat of the woman swallowing a pill.
IUDs explained. Inter-uterine devices are explained in diagram format. Various sizes and models are shown. Drawings show how these work to prevent pregnancy.
A clip of the despondent mother holding her newborn baby.
A happy couple play with their infant outside.

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