Film: 3367

Railways | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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railway building in Canada

Aerial view over a wetland area of Canada. A seaplane on a lake. A man drilling into a large rock. A helicopter flying over wetlands. Slow moving convoy of vehicle travelling through heavy snow. A passenger train heads towards the camera in a rural area. Map of Canada showing rail networks and links between cities. Magnifying glass zooms in our one area showing Lynn Lake and Sherridon. A dotted line joins the two locations on the map. Area view of a town. Back to the map now showing two other locations, Terrace and Kitimat. A further dotted line joins the two places. Aerial view of a waterfront town. The map again indicating three destinations in Canada, St Felicien, Beattyville and Chibougamau. A dotted line connects Beattyville and Chibougamau. A aerial view of a small town covered in snow.
Two more towns on the map, Manitouwadd and Hillsport. Another dotted line joins the two places. Aerial view of heavy machinery digging.
The location of Heath Steele on the map.
Heavy machinery at work from the digger driver’s POV, as he dumps rubble in a dump truck. The dump truck jettisons the rubble over the side of a hill. A wider view now of the area showing cleared forest and a rough road. Men using a large hammer drill. A rockface. Large digging equipment scoops up huge rocks. Soil being dug out and moved. Tractor levelling a road. View of the roughly constructed road. Surveyors at work taking measurements. Aerial view of a large cleared tract through the forest. A tracked construction vehicle levelling a surface in front of a large wooden building.
Aerial view of a lakefront town.
View over a construction area now in snow. Workers appear to be constructing the steel framework for a building. Large loads are towed along a snowy road. Digger at work. Man exits a porta-cabin. Huts in the snow. More diggers at work. Men taking measurements. Panning view up a steep rock face.
Trees are cleared. (footage is quite dark in this spot). Aerial view of where the forest has been cleared. More digging machinery working in the snow, moving tree trunks.
Sign for the Bartibog Spur Line Construction, by Modern Construction Ltd. A team of men are building a railroad. Laying tracks. Huge sleepers are moved into place. Lines are attached to the sleepers. Lots of men digging, filling in the gaps between the sleepers. Rail vehicles moving along the built sections, large quantities of rubble and soil are dumped to make the sidings. Aerial views. Raging river. A bridge across the river. A man works at a small mobile forge on the bridge. Railway bridge construction. Men with the use of levers heave a section of railway line into position. More railway construction work. Cargo trains on the line. Logs being moved. Power station. Lots of train moving through mountain scenery.

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