Film: 3368

Social History | 1980 | Sound | Colour


Retirement and how to make the most of it with friendships and activities. Based around a retirement programme in Norwich, Norfolk.

A park setting where elderly men are playing an outdoor game of giant chess. Other pensioners sit on park benches, feeding pigeons and walk through the park and gardens.
An elderly couple walk towards the camera holding badminton racquets. Children play in a outdoor court in the background. Indoor badminton being played by pensioners. Those sitting on the sidelines chat. The coaching couple are interviewed about the benefits their club has on the people.
An activities co-ordinator talks to a group of older people, showing them the programme of activities. Women do seated stretching exercises to music. Man teaches bowling to a group of retirees and they play an indoor bowls game. Tuition given to a man about golf putting. Men playing snooker. A young woman interviews one of the gentlemen. Pensioners playing golf or pitch and putt. A wine tasting or appreciation group. There is lots of chit chat and laughter amongst the group. One woman is interviewed and explains how she has met new friends.
Men talk about the range of activity groups they now partake in. Art class, people painting at easels. Close ups of the people concentrating on their art. The teacher or organiser is interviewed.
Yoga class, group of women doing floor based exercises. Retired couples doing ballroom style dancing in a community hall. Another couple play indoor soft tennis and are interviewed to camera. Pensioners playing petanque and some members talk about their group or club. A group of retirees on a country walk.
Greenhouse buildings, a sign outside says City of Norwich Amenities Division Parks Section. A group of people take a tour through the greenhouses. Lots of flowering plants on view.
People are interviewed individually and they encourage other retirees to join in with activity groups rather than becoming bored and miserable in their old age.

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