Film: 3377

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A film that documents Dunlop's involvement in Nigeria in Africa 1960's

Nigerians are rehoused in Western style villages and then put to work on the rubber plantations. River in jungle. Extraordinarily straight tarmacked road through jungle. Motor boats on wide river. Nigerian women preparing food and man chopping wood in village. Bananas on tree, lizards eating insects. Prosperous Nigerian men in suits in a town, cars on roads, brick and concrete buildings. Land Rover in mud. White and black researchers collecting and examining samples of water. Poor Nigerians in queue. Chopping down trees in jungle. A cleared area of jungle. Planting rubber trees in the new area. Bulldozer forming road, pipes being laid in trench. Nigerian construction workers doing various jobs. Exploding granite. Ship in harbour where materials for construction are unloaded and transported to construction site by lorry. Rehoused Nigerians in brick houses and involved in leisure activities such as football. Repairing Land Rover. Nigerians involved in digging large hole and the construction of more buildings. Man being given medical treatment. Doctors in classroom. Shots of a new hospital and a Dunlop ambulance. Nigerians being taught how to cut a rubber tree correctly so that the liquid can be caught in a cup. Nigerians walking and cycling.

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