Film: 3382

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Greater efficiency in the office 1950's

Featuring Eric Barker and Pearl Hackney. Eric has problems in his office when he loses an important letter. The film then shows the importance of paperwork and also the misuse of it, creating literally rooms of unnecessary paper which has to be transported and stored. Factory scenes with typists next to conveyor belt. Principles of 'Method Study'. Scenes and explanation as follows: Post Room in London Office is investigated by a Method Study Officer, sorting letters, opening letters, filing letters, franking letters. Lay out of the Post Room is altered and improvements make. "Most people keep too much paper for too long". Documents and paperwork traced to ultimate destination. Length of retainment shortened, files moved to more convenient locations. All this is inter- mixed with the comic search for the lost letter with some interesting street scenes. Austin and Bedford trucks and cars including a Ford Popular and Consul MKI. Office equipment from over 30 years ago: phones, typewriters, filing cabinets, franking machine, scales, letter opening machine, hectograph Carbon duplicators. Acknowledgment list of firms at end is a revelation. Bosses and secretaries. Form processing. Typing pools.

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