Film: 3386

Medicine | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Central Hospital Cameroon with the West Africa Mission working with Leprosy 1940's

Mvondo become outcast because he is a leper. Cameroon village life , great shot of young African boy with a movie camera.

Panoramic views of the area. A Cameroon village. A young boy playing with a hoop. Close up of a group of children sat playing. A woman outdoors with a knife preparing food. A boy 'Moses' carrying his younger sister. His father in cloth skirt pins out the skin of a tiger. The boy drags off the skin and puts it on to frighten the other children.
The children go to a swimming hole and bathe naked. The other children see spots on Moses (Leprosy) and point at him before going away leaving him completely alone. He lies on the bank.
Next day Moses tries to play with the others but they see him as unclean. He wanders in the undergrowth of the Jungle. His father out hunting finds him and makes it his quest to help his son. They leave the village to go to a hospital in Elat. There Moses sees a doctor who on looking at his back confirms he has leprosy. They leave for the Leper Colony led by the Presbyterian Mission. A drummer welcomes the newcomer and everyone in the village comes to greet him, even women from the field. The boy runs after his father to say goodbye. A woman takes his hand and they go inside where he is put in a room with another boy Zechariah. Moses visits the Bertha Crooks dispensary where he receives treatment which is rubbed on his body and an injection in his bottom. He rubs his bottom walking away.
The two boys explore the village visiting first 'the place where you get cut up when sick'! There are lots of people doing crafts, Woodwork shop where villagers use a saw, a plane, make a wheelbarrow and wooden toys. Wooden car being pulled along. Brick making and clay tiles for houses, a man laying bricks, bare feet working the clay which is carried to fix bricks together. A furnace. Basket making and mat making. Wooden bowls being carved and Chair making. Tool making on an open fire and working clay pots.
Next day the boys wash their hair outdoors using a bowl, dry their hair and clean their teeth with oversized toothbrushes.
The Edith Felton Fields Memorial Chapel and the whole village going to church. The drummer playing as they crawl and walk with their deformities in their feet and other parts of their bodies visible. A child reading and children signing. Children outdoors playing football. Games and races using very unusual gymnastic moves. The drummer and a tribal dance with a man tied to a pole. In the Jungle Jose the woman and Moses who have formed a good friendship like mother and son.
Three years later and Moses getting treatment. The doctors in white coats, one near a microscope who takes samples from by Moses ear. The doctor writes a report and passes to the other. Moses can go home but return for checkups. The Pastor giving a sermon has been cured of leprosy.
A messenger arrives in Moses home village. Moses father, goes through the jungle for his son. In the Leprosy village they celebrate and Moses says goodbye to the woman who cared for him. Moses in a patterned skirt leaves the village. At home he is again allowed to touch his sister.

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