Film: 3392

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Teaching using conversation in class 1970's

East Riding Yorkshire. Excellent scenes of back to back housing with children playing in poor run down streets with a colliery in the background. Airedale Middle School. One teacher has developed her own style of teaching under privilaged children. She sits behind a desk and the children in class are engaged in various activities. Some paint pictures at an eisle, others are doing some sewing. The children and the teacher have an open discussion and children add comments without having to raise their hands. If a child wants to know the answer to a question, sometimes another child will answer rather than the teacher. The teacher adds to answers and asks the children questions. The teacher believes this open style of teaching has allowed the children to develop and gain confidence. The class discusses natural history, the insects they have found and the life cycle of a queen bee. Others talk about how spiders find food. The teacher encourages the children to say what they think and share their ideas. The class went on a school trip to London. First they did a series of trips around Yorkshire so that the children experienced different things and learnt how to behave in various places. They spend 4 days in London and are very well behaved. The children visit Greenwich Pier and the Cutty Sark. Back in class they tell the teacher the facts which they found interesting about the Cutty Sark, they remember a lot. They talk about other places in London which they visited, the Tower etc. They draw and paint pictures of the places they saw in London. Some of the artwork is very good.

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