Film: 3396

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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An eskimo or Inuit family 1960's

Shooting seals and birds in sea and dragging them in with a hook on a line. Eskimos hunting. Then drags them to their huts. Wooden huts with iron stove - seal fat and driftwood fuel. Eating raw fish. Mother makes boots and clothes from skins. Making boats and walrus beads for trading post. Going out on boat to get driftwood from sea. Boy finds ancient spears from old settlement. Freezing cream. Husky sledge to hunt for caribou (reindeer). Making a camp when hunting by cutting blocks of snow for a shelter and using canvas for roof. Frozen meat from the caribou being kept on a frame of driftwood. Eskimo village. Musicians play drums and children dance.

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