Film: 3399

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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China in Asia 1940's - farming and rural life

Paddy fields, straw is main fuel. Boy takes food to workers in the field. Harvesting Chinese cabbage. Hand irrigated paddy fields. Grandmother tends silk worms. Boy practises lion dance. Washing water buffalo. Ducks. Grinding rice. Cooking in the kitchen. Sister stokes fire continuously with straw. Cooking sweet potatoes. Baby on mother's back. Collecting drinking water. Family play dominoes, boy learns to write. Incense to family ancestors. Going to market, loading vegetables. Sampan to Canton by canal. Pearl River. Woman hanging out washing. Boy making shuttlecock. Boy taking hot food to workers along narrow paths between paddy fields. Workers eating bowls of rice on side of paddy fields. Buffalo powered plough. Planting of rice plants. Children playing music. Farmers with hoes. Chinese family eating in the home. Feeding water buffalo. Children helping to control loaded sampan (boat).

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