Film: 3406

Food + Drink | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Comedy short made to promote bread 1930's

Sir Silas and his reform committee discuss national diet and nutrition. Mr. Dither is given the task of finding the perfect food for the country in the space of a week. He is then involved in doing a clerk's work in speeded up and is arrested for being a " peeping tom ". He also starts a chicken farm in an office.

The titles appear over a comedy man in Bowler hat pulling a goofy clown expression with large false teeth.
The same man listens at a large closed door. A sign on the door says; 'Dietetic Reform. Committee in Session'. Inside a grand room is a long table surrounded by men and women in smart yet stuffy clothes.. A man stands at the head of the table and reads notes as the camera zooms slowly along the table towards him. Different characters offer their ideas as to what ideally should be the properties of the food we eat. The committee members look back at him from around the table as he talks. We see a very pretty girl sat at the other end next to the door. There are ashtray's and pieces of paper on the table. The goofy man still listens at the door, nodding his head as he listens. The speaker(Sir Silas) discusses the problems with the dietic situation in society; a plump lady on his left and a uptight man on his right give opposing views. Silas( S) takes a booklet form the uptight man and a card drops out; it has a horse race betting odds on it. S is shocked and appalled. He blames his assistant The man listens outside the door and reacts-it is him who has been blamed.. They call him in. The pretty girl gets up to let him in. The door opens and hits him in the head. The man enters the room. All the people stare at him. He gurns and wipes his eye under his little round spectacles. His hair is slicked down with a middle parting and he has a smart suit on. They talk; as he turns to go he bumps into the girl again. S questions his male neighbor again and calls the end of the meeting- they all get up to leave.
Interior. A simple, bare laboratory; the assistant (Mr. Crumb) happily mixes something in a bowl and sniffs at it. He carries it to a desk and sits down, rubbing his hands. An old man is sat on a high chair and table and writes. The same pretty girl works at a desk at the back of the room. A opens a small wicker box on his desk and removes a triangle of a sandwich. He eats and talks. There follows a little double-act between him and the girl. Close-up of MrC. Eating the sandwich and wondering about what food could possibly fit the bill for the committee. The girl turns around in her chair and over-acts the dumb girl routine. They refer to Mr. Dither( the up-tight man from the meeting); we see a door next to them with Mr. Dither's name on it. The door opens and he comes out. They talk; Mr. C. acts very like George Formby. Mr. D. sorts his papers out on the table; hiding the sandwich from Mr. C. A lot of painfully unfunny hammy acting from Mr. C. Looking at his watch and telling the day of the week etc; trying to answer the phone but in stead answering the pestle that he mixed his food with. Mr. D. passes him the correct ear piece. He talks on the phone.
Interior. A white room in a college with girls in uniformed sports gear. Mr. C enters looking very unsavory in a camel Macintosh, with umbrella and hat. He grins and shows his teeth as usual. He talks to a woman that comes to meet him, giving her an explanatory letter. He opens his wicker box that he is carrying, takes out a sandwich and offers it to her. She refuses and reads the letter. On being informed that he needs the correct clothes for the classes, he opens his Mac in a grand move and reveals an identical outfit to what the girls wear.

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