Film: 3407

Royalty | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Film looks at how television has made it possible for people to see glimpses of the Queen's life and also the countries of the Commonwealth that were otherwise relatively unknown 1970's

1953 Queen Elizabeth's Coronation. Crown placed on her head. Parade through the streets of London. Commonwealth armed forces in the parade. Salote Tupou III, the Queen of Tonga in carriage at the Coronation. Royal visit to Tonga. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip sit down to eat with Queen of Tonga. Huge feast. QE2 liner. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visit Fiji. Little native Fijian girl bows to the Queen and hands her a bouquet of flowers. Native dances performed for the Queen. Queen is offered a cup of Kava, a drink to symbolise peace and welcome. Queen drinks the kava. Tribal dance with spears. Queen and Prince Phillip then visit New Zealand. New Zealand fjords of South Island. Maori native dance with poi balls. Aerial view of New Zealand's mountainous scenery, contrasted with Australia's flat interior. View of Australian cowboys on a station rounding up cattle, clouds of dust. Queen Liz & Phillip stand in open top car as they are driven through a city, Sydney? Melbourne? An Australian rodeo. Cowboys are thrown from bucking horses. Queen in Sierra Leone. Strange tribal dance in which someone is covered with twine and is on the ground, looks like a mass of fibres but then the person moves (very odd). Bare breasted women perform a dance for the Queen and Phillip. Royals move on to India. Liz and Phil ride elephants. Queen rides a decorated elephant with Indian Raj?? Watched by Indian crowds.
London. Winston Churchill's funeral. Eisenhower and De Gaulle enter Westminster Cathedral. Gun salute at Tower Bridge. Churchill's coffin on a boat sailing down the Thames. The crane drivers all along the river raise their cranes in salute as the coffin passes. Fly over by the RAF.
Kennedy assassination. Richard Nixon goes into the cathedral for Kennedy's funeral. Outside crowds grieve. 20 July 1969 Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong land on the moon.
UK. Francis Chichester returns to the UK after becoming the first person to sail around the globe single handed. Many boats come out to welcome him into harbour. Queen knights Chichester with Sir Francis Drake's sword.
1966 World Cup colour footage. Bobby Moore.

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