Film: 341

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Larry Semon Comedy 1920's

Man drinking from flask (drunk) sees string on floor, it disappears. Boy throws string back into room. Man stands on it. Boy cannot pull it back again. Larry helps and pulls fat man over. He gets cream all over him. Larry looks guilty. Drunk has flask taken away by wife, and is banished. Smoking, he falls into armchair. Maid take trolley around to Larry and friends. Offers sausage sandwiches. Naughty boy swaps two cigars for his two sausages. He eats it. Drunk tries to smoke sausage but it will not light. Massive pile of burnt matches at his feet. Larry feels unwell. Boy sprays fat man with soda siphon. He dreams he is swimming and gets onto balcony and dives off straight through floor below and into cellar and into barrel of whitewash which collapses. Calls to black man working in basement, very frightened, thinks it is a ghost. Feet spin and double exposure gag where he cannot leave and feet are stuck to the ground. He runs away. Fight scene with Larry and theft of document, car chase. Girl drives sporty car after thief. Cannot start car and black man gets stuck on bonnet. The chassis falls off the back, drives along, gets catapulted into lake, out other side and hits telegraph post. Larry finds motorbike and sidecar, crashes into man who ends up in sidecar, good stunts with bike, cars and train, crash. Airdrome, airplane with rope ladder picks up Larry from bike, he switches in mid-air to another airplane, fight on wings. Man jumps into sea, Larry falls onto concrete.

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