Film: 3410

Feature Drama | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Film with George Baker, Ronald Hines, Richard Leech, Graham Stark and John Paul.
Two girls in school uniform and straw hats run through a wood.
A suspicious looking man with round spectacles and a mackintosh approaches them and they run away. The man carries on wandering and finds a handbag followed by shoes, clothes and then a body….
Solving the murder of Gillian Shaw…
Scene in London with London bus in background.
Gillian working at Garden Centre teases and argues with a boy she works with. The Manager sees them arguing and goes over. Gillian agrees to a date with the boy Martin.
Gillians body is found in wood.
The Detective driving a K reg Police car goes to the parents home to break the news.
Forensic checks and fingerprinting.
Detective quizzes stepfather.
After fingerprints of the strange man, Percy Hoskins, are found on the handbag he is visited and arrested and has a known record of following young girls.
The investigation continues and the detectives visit the victims mother again, having tea, and ask about the Stepfather and boy Martin. The Stepfather returns and they leave, but he is angry that she has been talking to them about him.
Detectives speak to a girl in the Garden Centre shop and also to the Manager.
Questioning the boy, Martin Pickford.
Mother visits station and tells detectives that the Stepfather could not be trusted alone in the house with victim. She sees victims belongings. There is a lighter but her daughter did not smoke.
At the Garden Centre the detective chooses a plant, in which he has planted the lighter. The Manager recognises it and it is pleased it is found. He calls to Martin that his lighter has been found. Martin realises that it has linked him to the Murder!

The Manager and Martin fight.
Martin murdered Gillian because she laughed and teased him.

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